BHHS Hosts district-wide Make A Difference Day event

Reflection by Grace Main, 7th grade Student Ambassador at WHMS

In October, all the Bloomfield Hills Schools raised money and donated food for Focus Detroit, an organization that collects food for people in Detroit who don't have enough to eat. As a district we raised over $5,000! Also, on October 27th, students volunteered their time at Bloomfield Hills High School to make "weekend food packs" out of all the things that we donated.

Morgan Cook, a freshman at The International Academy says, "It's so great to see so many people doing different things, coming together to be part of one big project that will improve people's lives."

There were different jobs that different age groups did in this event. The elementary students went around to different tables with plastic bags, placing in 1 oatmeal packet, 1 box of cereal, 1 Mac-N-Cheese or can of soup, 1 fruit snacks bag, 1 bag of chips or pretzels, and 1 packet of rice. The middle schoolers worked on quality control, making sure that each bag had everything in it. And the high-schoolers put the plastic bags of food into boxes.

Elle Pierre, a 7th grader a West Hills Middle School, was volunteering at this event, and said, "I've been helping stack Fruit Snacks. It's been really cool seeing everyone work together to create something much more."

Eric Shanburn, the Focus Detroit director, was very happy about how the event was. "I want to say thank you to Bloomfield Hills School District for the support of Focus Detroit, and in particular these weekend food sacks, and all the financial support that went along with Make a Difference Day. We made 1,070 bags. We planned to do 900, but we did 1,070 for children in Detroit. It was a great day and we made a difference together!"

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