BHHS Marching Band Students Learn to Lead


"I highly recommend Dr. Tim!" shares junior Katie Heath, a piccolo player in the BHHS marching band.  Nearly fifty band students interested in becoming stronger leaders seized the amazing opportunity to hear Dr. Tim Laughtzinhizer speak at Waterford Kettering High School on the topic of student leadership, as an after school field trip.  Heath, who went to the workshop last year as a sophomore as well, reflects, "I remember coming back to band rehearsal and feeling extremely motivated.  It changed my perspective, and makes me look at how to become a better leader, especially as I'm getting to be an upperclassmen. It got me out of my comfort zone, and I really look for those experiences to expand my skills."


Alan Posner, director of the BHHS marching band, explains, "I attended this session when I was in high school, and I can honestly say it is a main reason that I tried out for drum major, got selected, and went on to study music education in college."  Current BHHS students agree that Dr. Tim is inspirational.  Joshua Bicos, a 10th grade alto saxophone player, shares, "I wanted to learn more about how to be a leader, and how to help other people become leaders as well.  Dr. Tim was amazing!  He kept going back to how it's not about us, it's about the other people you're helping, that's the true measure of a leader.  I would definitely recommend his workshop to anyone who is looking forward to being a leader."


Senior Dani Pappal, a member of the Color Guard for the marching band, shares, "I thought the workshop was really cool.  My biggest take away from Dr. Tim is that it's ok if you're a little uncomfortable, just keep going with your gut."


Many freshmen took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about student leadership.  Brandon Ho, 9th grader who plays the clarinet, reflects, "As a freshmen, I've really enjoyed band this year, and I'm looking forward to trying to earn the role of section leader and possibly drum major.  Mr. Posner said this is a great leadership opportunity, so I wanted to come and learn about this, so it can make me become a better leader."  


For almost 30 years Tim Lautzenheiser has been conducting Student Leadership Workshops at various locations throughout the country.  Through activities, examples and valuable information, students are inspired to become more effective, cooperative, and generous leaders.