BHHS Theater Production

"Working on these shows has been the best part of my high school experience. Getting together with such talented individuals who all have the same passion never gets old," shares Mollie Menuck, a BHHS junior, and student director of the Broken Leg Theater production, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.  The show featured a stellar cast of BHHS students. Menuck exclaims, "Not only was the cast incredibly fun to work with, but working with Mrs. Greenlee and student production staff was so amazing!"  

Directing and teaching students at BHHS has been such a joy in my life. Bloomfield Hills Schools has been a fantastic place to work. There are so many gifted, talented and wonderful young people in our district. When I reflect on the BHHS theatre program, I hope the students that have been involved in the productions feel valued and appreciated for their contributions whether on the stage or behind the scenes. I have been blessed to have had such incredible colleagues, parents and a principal that supported my efforts along the way. My students have given me so much and will always have a place in my heart," expressed Tina Greenlee.

Congratulations to Tina Greenlee, BHHS Theatre Director, on this final production after 40+ years of service in BHS!