BHMS Design & Technology

Student working in BHMS Design Tech class

“I’ve been taking Design and Tech classes since 6th grade,” says 8th grade Bloomfield Hills Middle School student Nathan Madlambayan.  “It’s fun to have freedom, and it’s with your friends. It’s work that you’re able to put to use in the real world.

From building spinning tops in 6th grade, to customizing rockets in 7th grade, and to building CO2 cars and robots in 8th grade, Bloomfield Hills Middle School students gain an amazing education in how to make things work.  Keith Kimmel, Design and Tech teacher at both Bloomfield Hills Middle School and East Hills Middle School, says “Everything we build in here, we test. So if it’s a top, we spin it. If it’s a rocket, we launch it. If it’s a robot or a car, we race it.  So we’re always thinking about what we can do to make things work, and how to make it better. This way, they’re really invested in the building rather than just creating it and hoping it works.”

“Knowing how to build stuff out of wood can be a necessity in life. I like building things.  It’s a really fun class, and the teacher is great,” says 8th grader Nick Viselli.

8th grader Rose Choudhary shares, “I enjoy the designing process because it’s fun to find solutions for problems.  I also do Robotics after school, and Design and Tech and Robotics go hand in hand.”

For 6th graders, their introduction to Design and Tech begins with safety.  Right now, they’re learning about “what to wear and what not to wear, what to do and what not to do,” says 6th grader Ren Stojkovic.  Students take a safety test before they can begin building, to ensure they correctly use the tools in class.