Bloomfield Forward Update - Week One

In the first strategic planning session, we learned a bit about the participants as a whole through a "getting to know you" activity.  We focused on the strengths of the participants and reviewed group norms so we can ensure a productive and respectful dialogue moving forward.

We were informed through a series of presentations by our Learning Services team.  From Title I funding to test scores and restorative practices, we dove into qualitative and quantitative data.  It was a comprehensive overview of what is currently in place, as requested by the strategic planning facilitators.  Though each presentation was only given 45 minutes each, they were able to cover quite a bit of ground in that time.

There was a particular focus on our work in Equity & Inclusion as well as our overall assessment structure.  The group was introduced to the Core Thinking Dispositions from Learning Services and quite a bit of time was provided for questions and answers.

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