Classroom Change Wars!

Conant Elementary students raise money for new playground equipment through "classroom change wars!".  First grader Alex Swiatkowski shares, "Mrs. Benitez's class won and chose to dye Mr. Russo's hair green and white because he is NOT a Michigan State fan.  The best part of Change Wars was the strategy to sabotage!  When we collect dollar bills and pennies that helps our class and all other coins subtract from the amount in other classrooms.  Mr. Russo's hair looks funny, the eyebrows are awesome!" Conant raised $4,217.31 - way to go Cubs!

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BHMS Food Expo

Recently the 6th grade students at BHMS had a Food Expo, the culminating activity in their science Unit Challenge. The Unit Challenge asked students to educate their assigned characters, Carl and Mary, about digestion and help them solve their digestion problems. Throughout the unit, students have completed hands-on activities to gain experience and insight into the digestive system, constructed and used models of the digestive system, and developed arguments about appropriate food choices based on evidence and reasoning. They also learned how to optimize solutions following the Engineering Design Process and tied this to the MYP Design Cycle. 

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