Eastover's Michigan Museum

"Our 3rd Grade Exhibition was about the Pioneers in Michigan", says student Katie Conroy.  "We did a 'tug a war' on the issue of mining copper. That means that you take a position on whether to mine copper or not.  We go through steps to get all the information, consider the different viewpoints, and then we provide reasons about what side we take based on the evidence."

Evan Darawi explained, "We placed ourselves in the roles of different jobs.  I was the town's blacksmith. I made everything out metal, such as tools and pots and pans. Mrs. Whitaker, my teacher found old pictures that looked like each of us and put them on the wall.  These pioneer pictures were probably my favorite of all the displays."

"Pioneer life was very dangerous!" says Jordanna Gjokaj.  Amani Sefo added, "They traveled for a long time and the land often wasn't good for farming.  When we learned about all this history it made me appreciate our ancestors and the comfortable and safe life we live now."