EHMS Enjoys Popcorn Day

The tradition of Popcorn Day started one year ago. We have one Popcorn Day each month. Students pay for their bags in advance to their first hour teacher. Each bag is $1. And all of the profits of the sale go to the Cavalier Fund. The popcorn is popped and then delivered to classrooms by parent volunteers.

The Cavalier Fund was started by the EHMS Global Education Team (GET). It was originally made to help families pay for the 8th grade D.C. trip. Since then it has also helped 8th graders pay for yearbooks, and helped every grade with field trips. The purpose of the Cavalier Fund is to have a system to help out families who might not have the same opportunities as others. East Hills is not the only school with this type of system. West Hills has a similar program called the "Warrior Fund."

The GET came up with the idea when they were brainstorming a way to help support families. Then some 4th grade parents shared about Eastover's popcorn making. Once the idea was out there it seemed like a natural choice, it was easy and didn't require too many supplies. So it was settled, and Popcorn Day was born.

by Ava Farah, 7th grade Student Ambassador at EHMS