ESL Summer Program

A focus on animals and summer fun, the program offered structured literacy and writing practice for students striving toward proficiency in English.  Over 35 English Learner students from all 4 of our elementary schools enjoyed the district's ESL Summer program from July 30 - August 16. 

The program ran half days Monday - Thursdays for the Kindergarten through third grade students who attended the program.  Mrs. Anne Williamson (LP teacher) and Dr. Christina Murriel (EO teacher) taught the students with support from two paraprofessionals, Ms. Robin Jones and Mrs. Rana Saeed.   

A highlight was the program's trip to Bower's Farm where students got to taste garden-ripened fruit and vegetables as well as groom and ride the horses!  Sponsored by the Department of Learning Services, this summer opportunity was welcomed by BHS families!