Feature Factor Exhibition

Calling all Zoologists and Entomologists! Eastover's first grade classes showcase their wonderful learning to family and friends during the First Grade Feature Factor Exhibition as they step inside the shoes of scientists studying animals and insects.  Students observe the structure, form, appearance, behavior, and characteristics of insects and animals and they journal their findings.  First grade student Trudy Scott shares, "I like learning about how we mimic animal parts to solve our problems.  We made bicycle helmets to look like turtle shells!"  Dashiell VanGemert shows off the alligator he created, "We could either make real or fake animals.  We then explain a couple of our animal features that help them survive.  Alligators are able to hide really well.  Plus their special lungs help them to stay underwater for long periods of time."

Eastover Elementary is a Visible Thinking School.  At the core of Visible Thinking is to make thinking visible using practices called Thinking Routines.  Here are a few of the Thinking Routines first graders implemented for their Feature Factor Exhibition:

Step Inside: Students read stories Hey Little Ant and The Impatient Caterpillar to step inside different roles and consider multiple perspectives.  Students had to decide whether they were going to step on the ant or save the ant and provide support for their decision.  Also, they had to talk about what it would be like to be in a chrysalis.
 Tug of War: Students learned about penguins and how the mother and father penguin have important roles in hatching and bringing up the baby.  Then they had to decide which one was the most important and give reasons to support their position.
 Claim Support:  Students make a claim as to the most important feature and support why they felt it was the most important.  
 Chalk Talk: Building understanding in a collaborative way by discussing animal facts the students already knew.



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