Institute for Healing Racism

As a member of the Bloomfield Hills Schools community, we would like to invite those who have not already participated to to attend the Institute for Healing Racism described below. The dates available the IHR is being offered are August 9 and 10, 2018. The days will run from 8 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. Attendance at both days is mandatory. 

To register for this session, follow the applicable link below and select "Add to Cart." Click on the "Create an Account" button in the lower left corner if you do not currently have an account with Community Pass. Once an account is generated, check the box next to your name and follow the prompts to "Continue to Checkout". Select "continue" to bypass any payment prompts. You will receive an email confirmation once registered. 

IHR Description
A powerful and thought provoking venue, the Institute for Healing Racism brings together diverse groups of people to explore and address issues of race and racism. Participants have the opportunity to examine how the "dis-ease" of  racism affects ALL people and develop skills to detect and help eliminate institutional racism  in our daily environments;  home, work, education,  community, organization and business.

Interactive exercises, dialogue, videos and personal reflections, over the course of two days, allow participants and facilitators to create a safe place where diverse views and experiences are shared and validated.

The Institute for Healing Racism can be a transforming experience that challenges all of us to become positive agents of change and intentional allies in the work of building inclusive and anti-racist communities.

".... it made me re-evaluate my information about others and think twice about my daily thoughts and actions. I now know what I didn't know,  but thought I knew." - Institute for Healing Racism participant

 " I refuse to be an instrument of racism and the information that the Institute has given me has only strengthened my resolve.  Profoundly, my life will never be the same" - Institute for Healing Racism participant

"... potentially threatening subject matter was presented in a non-threatening environment. I was challenged to explore my perspectives and beliefs about racism." - Institute for Healing Racism participant

Registration for the 2-day Institute for Healing Racism is limited. Each participant must commit to attendance for both days. 

Questions? Contact Bill Boyle, Equity Programs Coordinator for Bloomfield Hills Schools, at