Kindergarten Curriculum in Bloomfield Hills Schools

The kindergarten curriculum includes core subjects designated by the state: early literacy, math, science and social studies. Bloomfield Hills Schools adds music, art, physical education, technology and Spanish to provide a firm foundation for elementary school. The comprehensive educational program focuses on development of communication, thinking, and social skills.

Bloomfield Hills Schools kindergarten classrooms are child-centered & activity-based. Lessons are customized to meet each student's learning abilities. Our schools nurture social and developmental skills. This special blend of intellectually stimulating lessons and personal attention creates a superior academic experience.

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Join us for our Kindergarten Info Session on Monday, February 11, 2019, from 7 - 8 p.m. in Bloomfield Hills High School Auditorium to learn more! 

This session is an excellent opportunity for parents and guardians of any child approaching Kindergarten age to learn about Kindergarten in Bloomfield Hills Schools. Staff from our Learning Services team will review all of the Kindergarten basics - including what you need to know to assess your child's readiness for Kindergarten. If you have questions, text KDG to 248.230.2879 and our Kindergarten experts will respond!

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