Lone Pine Celebrates With Arts, Beats and Treats!

"I loved everything about this show - the art, the music, the ice cream!" exclaims 3rd grade student Yusuf Khazi.  On Thursday, March 8th, Lone Pine Elementary School brimmed with energy, as families and faculty shared art, music and ice cream.  An annual event, Arts Beats and Treats celebrates the students' art work, hung by family volunteers and faculty members, throughout the school.  This year, faculty members performed ten songs, complete with piano and guitar accompaniment.

Kindergarteners through 3rd graders excitedly share their favorite elements of art class. Kindergarten student Allie Grant shares, "I like that you can make anything in art class!"  Brielle Winston, another Kindergartener, says, "Mrs. Olson is a really nice teacher!"

2nd grade student Aori Ariga explains, "My favorite piece that I made was with clay.  It was a leaf plate that we can put something on. There are so many beautiful art works in this art show!"

Philip Schmidt, a 3rd grade student, shares, "I made this pinch pot!  It's to hold my baby teeth. My favorite part of this art show was to look at all the art and show my family the pictures.  My mom bought my favorite picture in a frame!" Another 3rd grade student, Seleste Baker, explains a favorite piece: "I think it's a rainbow full of explosions!  I used paint, paper and tissue paper. And I liked all of the music that the teachers sang tonight."

Art teacher Stephanie Olson, who teaches every grade level at Lone Pine, reflects on this event: "This is my fifth art show at Lone Pine.  This year, the show is completely different because of the TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) philosophy. Their art work is focused on the creativity and not the technical skill builders that we've been working on.  The students were in charge of selecting their work from their portfolios. Typically, each student has three to four pieces, depending on how they work and their style. They have a mixture of painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, collage, and photography, that are up in the art show.  We're trying to highlight the process of the work. Artist Statements allow students to explain their work and their process, so the parents can understand it all."

After students showed families their art, families enjoyed ice cream, courtesy of the Lone Pine PTO, in the gym.  Also in the gym, families congregated to watch faculty members Kate Philp, Lauren Mackillop, John Drake, Rena Kirschenbaum, Tara Endres, Cameron Johns, Randy Woodberg, and Denise Dickey perform a variety of ten uplifting songs, from "This Land is Your Land" to "What a Wonderful World," to "People at Lone Pine School."   And as the song goes, Lone Pine is indeed a wonderful place to "live, learn, play, and be friends!"