Margaret Schultz: Administrator for Social-Emotional Learning and Educational Equity

"It is my honor to welcome Margret Schultz into the position of Administrator for Social-Emotional Learning and Educational Equity," says Kelly Bohl, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Labor Relations.  "Over the past few years, our district has been intensely focused on global education, equity, inclusion, and social-emotional learning. We have worked to engage our community in informative and collaborative dialogue, supported staff, family, student, and community learning through the Institute for Healing Racism, Global Champions courses, trainings in Restorative Practices and through our Diversity, Academic Equity, and Race Relations (DAERR) community team."

We believe it is time for us to take internal ownership of this work, continuing the efforts outlined above while focusing our efforts on embedding the work more deeply in our classrooms.

Margaret has advanced degrees in Educational Administration and Mathematics Education. Margaret is a member of the first Global Champions Cohort and a Diversity Champion Honor Roll recipient. Margaret has been deeply involved with the district's work on educational equity from its inception. Margaret is also a certified trainer with the International Institute for Restorative Practices.