Performing Arts Mosaic

Many thanks to the collaboration between BHHS performing arts students, their teachers, Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan and Dolores Silverstein for the incredible new mosaic in the performing arts wing! The driving force behind the new mosaic comes from the family of Julianne Silverstein Vinik, an Andover graduate of 1977 who was a Jill, and who passed away two years ago. 

Julianne's mother, Dolores Silverstein, shares, "I wanted some living memory of her. Because she was so involved in the school - and this is a new school - it was a good thing to do. Her sister Jennifer was also here, and was a disc jockey, so there is a microphone in the mosaic. And my two grandchildren, who years later went here, were drum majors, and played the saxophone and the trombone. So we have a saxophone and a trombone represented on the mosaic. My husband died nine years ago, and he would have been thrilled with this art project. Music was always our love."

Silverstein brought artist Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan to make the project come to life. Silverstein explains, "I had seen Gail's work at the Detroit Public Library windows. Gail was the liaison, and because she had done other work here at BHHS, they were very receptive to her project. She had the kids brainstorm things - Beethoven is on the mosaic because the kids wanted it. This is how she works with schools - she's amazing!"

Kaplan shares, "With my partner Dani Katsir, we've done community mosaics all over the city, and have done two projects at BHHS. This was another great opportunity to be involved with the students. And it was designed by the students! It's an interlocking piece, with five large pieces that will fit together on the wall by the music wing. It's about music, dance, and all the performing arts. The students submitted images, drawings and concepts of what they wanted."

Stephanie Recknagel, a BHHS senior and co-captain of the Jills, shares, "I thought it was really awesome to be part of something that's going to be at our school forever. It's so fantastic to put music on a wall. I love the artwork, because it brings all forms of performing arts together. We all do so much together, so it's neat to see it in the artwork."

Many thanks to the collaboration between BHHS performing arts students, their teachers, Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan and Dolores Silverstein for this incredible contribution to BHHS!

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