Safety and Security in Bloomfield Hills Schools

Thank You for Taking the Survey

Dear Bloomfield Hills Schools Community,

Since the tragedy in Florida, I've heard from many of you with ideas, questions, and sentiments of encouragement and thanks. I want to thank each person who reached out to me or another member of our staff. Safety is a community effort and we appreciate your partnership in maintaining safe schools for our children.

Thank you for taking the Safety and Security Survey. We will use your feedback to calculate our next steps to take in safety and security. Additionally, please take a moment to visit I hope the information on that page will be helpful to you. 

Please continue to make your voice heard with our legislators. To make our schools even safer, we'll need legislative support in the form of laws and funding. Let them know this is a priority for you and it will become a priority for them.

As I said previously, safety is a community effort and a community responsibility. Please continue to report issues of concern to our staff or via the OK2SAY app, website, hotline, or email address. School counselors and other staff can help a child who has threatened to harm themselves or others. Please give us the opportunity to intervene and prevent tragedy by reporting anything you think we should know about.

And finally, please help assure your child of their safety in our schools. We know that learning does not take place when a child feels unsafe physically, emotionally, or otherwise. Please continue to reinforce how committed we are to continuing to provide a safe learning experience for every child, every day.

Thank you for your attention and thank you for your partnership.


Dr. Rob Glass, Superintendent