Spanish is Fun!

"Señor Johns makes Spanish fun!" shares Leah Merahn, a 2nd grade student.  "He once took a ball and passed it around, and we got to ask questions and give answers in Spanish."


Cameron Johns began teaching Spanish to kindergarten - 4th grade students at Lone Pine and WHMS this winter.  "Everyone has been extremely welcoming!" Johns shares.  "I've really enjoyed the short time that I've been here, and I already feel like I'm part of the family."


Johns describes what he likes best about BHS: "The kids are super awesome, focused in class, and willing and ready to learn.  One thing I love about teaching here is that there's so much culture, pulled in from all around the world, and that just fuels my love of culture.  I grew up learning French and Spanish, and I love learning languages.  So I ask the students to tell me their own languages, because we're trying to pull everyone together.  There are so many languages here - Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, among others.  I love working here!"