Special Education Design Committee Selection

The following committee met on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, from 3-5 p.m. to review and select applicants for the Special Education Design Committee:

  • Rebecca Anders, Special Education Supervisor
  • Carolines Fines, Special Education Teacher
  • Beth Mueller, Special Education Teacher
  • Heather Rosenberg, Parent, PAC Representative
  • Angela Grondz, Parent, PAC Representative
  • Michelle Harmala - not a "selecting" member
  • The committee sorted applicants by position (teacher, ancillary, parent, etc.) and buildings, grade level and type of position within the district. The committee took time to review each application.
  • Michelle Harmala discussed with the team the characteristics and make-up of typical workgroups and the importance of making sure all groups are represented.
  • The committee reviewed the "map" for gaps (ex. Representation from each level; elementary, middle school, secondary). Individuals were selected with both historical knowledge of BHS and those new to the district. This process was then continued for all other applicants with a focus of including staff and parent representation across buildings and programming.
  • 46 total applicants
    • 3 Administrator - 3 selected
    • 12 Special Education Teachers - 6 selected
    • 3 General Education Teachers - 3 selected 
    • 1 Early Childhood/Project Find - 1 selected
    • 8 Ancillary staff - 5 selected
      • 1 speech and language pathologist
      • 1 occupational therapist
      • 1 school psychologist
      • 1 social worker
      • 1 physical therapist
    • 15 Parents - 9 selected
    • 6 Para educators - 2 selected



  • Carrie Fines - RR - BHHS


  • Rob Durecka – WHMS
  • Mary Hillberry – Lone Pine
  • David Reed-Nordwall - BHHS

SE Teacher

  • Arica Porter - BHHS RR
  • Linda Carlson - WHMS (has Elementary & WL teaching exp)
  • Lisa Brown – Transition Coordinator
  • Beth Mueller – WHMS/BHEA Union Rep
  • Elizabeth Tallant – DHH

*Also listed above:

  • Carrie Fines – BHHS/Facilitator

GE Teachers

  • Pam Walsh – EHMS
  • Elizabeth Akers – EHMS
  • Doug Thompson – GERT - EHMS

Early Childhood

  • Colleen Kady-Kalanquin -Project Find/Fox Hills SSW

Ancillary Staff

  • Cassandra Jones - BHHS/McKinney Vento
  • Marci Shumacher – EMHS, Private Schools/School Psychologist
  • Melissa Elkus – DHH, Wing Lake, Fox Hills
  • Julie Chinoski – District Wide/Physical Therapist
  • Tiffany Hartman – District Wide/Occupational Therapist


  • Angela Grondz – PAC Rep/Conant
  • Kimberly Cromer - Wing Lake
  • Gina Morgan - DHH
  • Michelle Soto – Eastover, BHHS
  • Aftab Farooq – BHMS, PREP
  • Brian Munn – Conant/WHMS
  • Stephanie Crider -EHMS
  • Amy Goodman - BHHS
  • Jennifer Darawi - EHMS

Para Educators

  • Kathy Lawor – Conant
  • Donna Polasek - ARP

More News:

Way Art Fair

Way Elementary art show allowed students to talk about their passions and creative process.  Students take ownership of their work and tell the story of their own learning through the planning, experimenting, reflecting, and revising.  They learn the skills and techniques of art, along with art history and apply what they learn to the different forms of art in each studio.  The choice-based learning empowers students to make choices regarding the creative process. The process is where the learning occurs.  Ultimately, the students find inspiration from the heart!

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WHMS Fun Run Benefits CARE House

We want to take a moment to thank the entire West Hills community for an incredible response to the student leadership-sponsored Fun Run that took place during the school day on June 11th. 
Back on February 27th, two guest speakers from WE Volunteer Now gave a dynamic presentation to our students around service learning and the importance of taking action. Following the assembly, 30 students attended a workshop with the speakers, and the seeds of the Fun Run were planted. Students wanted to organize an event for their school and felt strongly that child abuse and neglect was an issue about which they wanted to raise awareness. That group of students shared their ideas with the rest of the 4th-8th grade Student Leadership Club comprised of over 70 students, and further details began to take shape. Leadership students researched organizations they could support, planned obstacles for the run, created the sponsorship form for donations, spoke with teachers and administrators about their ideas, planned for music and water stations, made posters to advertise the run, and talked up the event in their classes. June 11th was the day they worked so hard for, and it was a tremendous success. Leadership students at each grade level spoke to their classmates about this important cause and were in charge of all of the events out on the track. 
At the end of the day, the Fun Run raised $5000 for CARE House of Oakland County!

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Congratulations Class of 2019!

Congratulations to the Bloomfield Hills Schools graduating class of 2019! "We are extremely proud of you and your accomplishments. Go forth to achieve your dreams! Be the architects of your own futures. Continue to seek opportunities, form strong, caring relationships, take risks, be passionate and motivated, participate in meaningful work, and strive for excellence. Best wishes and sincere congratulations!" –Dr. Rob Glass, Superintendent of Bloomfield Hills Schools

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IB Class Features Faith Experts and Field Trips

From Hindu priests to Muslim imams to Zen Buddhist teachers to Jewish rabbis to Catholic priests, all have hosted students from the Bloomfield Hills High School IB World Religions class at their religious sites and visited the class to speak on their religions. "One of the things we try to do is take advantage of the incredible religious diversity in this community. Literally, we have all the major world religions within 20 minutes. Instead of me teaching everything or the kids presenting to me, I have local religious leaders come in," explained teacher Matt MacLeod. "This is something that most public schools don't have, and you just don't get other places. It promotes understanding and diversity."

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Young Advocates Changing Food Services Procedures

Young advocates are changing not only procedures at Bloomfield Hills Schools (BHS), but also the future of our earth. India Woll Stewart, a 7th grader at Bloomfield Hills Middle School (BHMS), presented an idea to BHS Food Services to switch from styrofoam trays to a more sustainable version, and the idea was enthusiastically received. As a result, BHMS students have started using compostable trays made of sugar cane and the idea is expected to be implemented district-wide next fall.

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Exhibition: A Celebration of Learning at West Hills and Conant Elementary Schools

West Hills IB coordinator Jen Teal reflects on the program: "Exhibition really highlights the importance of the learning process. If you ask students what they think of it during the unit, they will likely talk about being overwhelmed, having disagreements with other group members, struggling to find resources or come up with a solution, and feeling nervous about speaking in front of a large group of adults. The process is not easy. It requires that students critically inquire about their world, grapple with complex issues, look at multiple perspectives, and take responsible action. But on Exhibition Night, when students have an opportunity to share their learning and experience, it is magical. Their pride in what they have accomplished is immense. And the day after Exhibition, when students share what the experience has meant to them, their reflections are profound. Exhibition is a wonderful capstone as well as an important bridge to the next part of their IB journey."

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BHS Community Invited to Workshop: Dismantling Racism

To begin the process of understanding and dismantling racism, we will bring together diverse people from our communities to explore our own racial identities, and understand how the social construction of race and the history of oppression has contributed to current societal issues that impact our schools, work and neighborhoods. Through structured dialogues and protocols, participants will experience personal growth and development as well as tools to deconstruct racism within our communities. Register at

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