Take Action! Tell your Representative not to make any decisions during Lame Duck

Bloomfield Hills Schools Families: We urge you to take swift action and call your legislators to tell them to hold off on any actions until the next legislative session, where issues can have the benefit of full and careful consideration.  The issues before our legislators today do not need urgent action and can wait another few weeks.

Senator Marty Knollenberg: 
(517) 373-2523

Representative Mike McCready:

At the November 15th Board of Education meeting, the Board approved a resolution in opposition of school legislation created during lame duck session.  That resolution reads:

WHEREAS, the Michigan Legislature is about to commence it's Lame Duck Session; and WHEREAS, decisions made in Lame Duck that impact public schools and our education system may have long term effects on our schools and children; and
WHEREAS, given time to review and debate concepts and legislation that impact schools has the potential to create better solutions; and WHEREAS, educators, board members, and community members are willing to guide and support well thought out legislation; and WHEREAS, the next legislative session provides ample time for debate, dialogue, and review of legislation that impacts children and schools; and WHEREAS, the Tri-County Alliance for Public Education (TCA) encourages legislators to leave any legislative action on education policies for the next Legislature and Governor; and WHEREAS, the Michigan State Board of Education has passed a resolution supporting the aforementioned position of the Tri-County Alliance for Public Education (TCA). NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Bloomfield Hills Schools supports the position of the Tri-County Alliance for Public Education (TCA) and along with the State Board of Education, similarly encourages legislators to leave any legislative action on education policies for the next Legislature and Governor when there is time for thoughtful review. 

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East Hills Book Swap

This month at East Hills a new tradition began.  The Book Swap.  March is reading month and some parents had the idea to hold a book swap to help celebrate reading month.  Last week students were encouraged to bring up to 5 books, at the 4th to 8th grade reading level, that they could then swap for other books on Monday, March 11th.  Roughly 70 students participated and brought books, and over 250 books were swapped.  This tradition was a fun way to get students to connect over reading, to read more, and to recycle books instead of throwing them away.  We hope that this tradition will continue on for many years and would like to wish everyone a very Happy Reading Month!


Written by Lucia Farah, 7th Grader

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Kindergarten Force and Motion Exhibition

Charlotte Du, a kindergartner at Eastover, explains, "Force is either a push or pull.  I like showing my parents how we make orange juice.  We pull the lever up and then push down to squeeze the orange juice out."  Sophia Wright adds, "We made a marble maze with a paper plate. We are pulling and pushing the marble around on the plate to direct the ball into the tubes." Teddy McCoy excitedly shares, "We presented a ton of activities to our parents showing force and motion.  We did a cup and ball toss, marble slides, and slinky demonstration." 

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Junior Festinema - French Film Festival

Recently, students in the French learning community from grade 6-8 at West Hills were among the 150 French students from greater Détroit who participated in the annual film festival at the Maple Theater. Following the excursion, French students have been engaged in sharing ideas and perspectives regarding plot, characters and setting of the film, making personal and intercultural connections and comparisons as well as discussing the morals of the story. The WHMS French learning community would like to thank the BHS Foundation for their generous grant and Alliance Française de Détroit for their collaboration in making this cultural inquiry experience come to fruition.

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Save the Date! Spring Fling & Pancake Breakfast
On Saturday, May 11, Bowers School Farm will host their annual Spring Fling Pancake Breakfast event from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. This will be a time for visitors to come to the farm and enjoy a variety of experiences, including a yummy pancake breakfast, open barns, craft making, and fun farm exhibits. Tickets can be purchased at Sign-up early to get your preferred seating time, and enjoy all the farm has to offer! 
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