The Great Egg Hatching!

Students Holding Chicks
"The chicks were cute and the ducks were funny!  My favorite duck was Itty Bitty!" exclaims Kindergartner Hayden Bender.  

Elementary students kept eggs in an incubator in their classroom, learning how chickens and ducks hatch.  Tara Endres, Teacher, shares, "The incubator kept track of the temperature and humidity, and it turned them.  We didn't have to manually make sure the temperature and humidity were right.  It automatically kept it at the correct temperature, which is why we had so much success."  

Vanessa Perica, a student, explains, "We learned that chicks hatch in 21 days.  And ducks hatch in 28 days.  We started with 12 chick eggs, and nine hatched."  Emily Rodnick shares, "We started with 14 duck eggs.  Eight hatched!"  Josh Rodner reflects, "We got to bring the ducks and chicks outside and make a human gate.  Everybody went around in a circle, and the ducks were in the center." 

 "The people at Bower's Farm told us it may be a trick and none of the eggs may hatch!" says, Nicholas Izzo, a first grader.  "The rooster needs to fertilize the eggs in order for them to hatch.  Otherwise they are just a plain old egg."

This learning experience was made possible BHS Foundation grant.