West Hills 5th Graders Dip Into the Great Lakes

Recently WHMS students attended the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center, a field trip made possible by a BHS Foundation grant.  

"We learned about the importance of wetlands in maintaining clean water," Brody Oleshansky shares.  "The wetlands improve water quality by naturally filtering out pollution, help prevent flooding, and provide important fish and wildlife habitat.  It made me think more about why people care so much about protecting our wetlands. The Great Lakes hold twenty percent of the world's freshwater supply.  This is a big reason why we need to take care of our Great Lakes!"

Abby Klein, reflects on the experience and her group's project: "I learned a lot about how to be independent, how to work as a team, and how to think about new information.  Our group worked together to gather information about Water Safety in the Great Lakes.  The most challenging part was putting together the presentation and preparing everything, but all our hard work was worth it!"