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Equity & Inclusion

The Bloomfield Hills Schools Board of Education does hereby commit to stand against any and all acts of racism, disrespect, violence, and inequitable treatment of any person and will work to eradicate racism and to create more equitable and inclusive schools for all children.

Bloomfield Hills Schools strives to be an inclusive learning environment for students of all abilities and backgrounds where every student find success. It is the responsibilitiy of members of the school community from students, staff, parents and residents of Bloomfield Hills to integrate equitable and inclusive initiatives in everything that we do. We are committed to this work and know we have much still to do.

Board of Education Resolution to Eradicate Racism

Resources for Continued Education

Cultural Observances

National Hispanic Heritage Month
Rosh Hashanah - Judaism
Rosh Hashanah - Judaism
Rosh Hashanah - Judaism
Yom Kippur - Judaism
Students group photo