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Emotion Regulation - What is it?

Emotion Regulation - What is it?

Emotions…we all feel them! Joy, sadness, anger - each one serves a purpose. What we do with our emotions is where things can get sticky if we haven’t fully developed our toolbox yet.

Emotion regulation does not only involve the ability to regulate or control one’s emotional state; it is also the ability to respond to our emotions in healthy and/or helpful ways. 

Check out these videos to learn about what is happening in our brains when we are experiencing emotions! The videos are good for the whole family.

Video: Hand Model of the Brain (2:00) 
Video: Emotions and the Brain (2:02)

Dive Deeper: 

Emotion Regulation (Positive Psychology)
Emotion Regulation in Relation to Self Injury

Call to Action: 

Parents & Teens:

Take some time before bed reflecting on your day. Ask yourself:

  1. Did I feel any challenging emotions today?
  2. Were those challenging emotions justified given the situation?
  3. Did I respond to those emotions in a healthy and/or helpful way for myself and others?

Parents of Younger Ones:

During your bedtime routine, discuss the following questions:

  1. Did I feel any big feelings today?
  2. Why did I feel that way?
  3. What did I do with those big feelings?
    • Was that helpful and/or safe?
  4. What can I do next time I feel those big feelings, so that I am safe and helpful for myself and others?

Don’t forget to look for next week’s Mental Health Spotlight - Emotion Identification & Awareness! BHS School Mental Health Specialist Julianne Umbarger provides these weekly Mental Health Spotlights.