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Healthy Friendships

Healthy Friendships

Some people believe that who we are is shaped in part by those with whom we spend our time. Who do you want to be? Do the people you surround yourself with support you in becoming the best version of yourself? Friendships are instrumental in shaping who we are as people. Asking questions can help you evaluate whether a friendship is healthy.

How do you know when a friendship you share with someone is a healthy one? Here are some points to consider when evaluating whether or not you’re in a healthy friendship:

  • Is my friend genuinely interested in what’s going on in my life, both the good and the bad?
  • Is my friend genuinely interested in what I have to say, and what I think and feel?
  • Does my friend not only accept, but celebrate who I am?
  • Does my friend actively listen to me without judgment?
  • Does my friend support me in achieving my goals, hopes, and dreams?
  • Do I feel like I can speak freely with my friend, knowing I can trust them?
  • Do I feel good during and after spending time with my friend?
  • Does my friend support me in being friends with other people, too?

*Remember, if we are to hold these expectations of our friends, we must also mutually offer these same benefits to our friends. It’s a give and take!

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Call to Action: 

Take some time to reflect upon a friendship you share. Ask yourself the questions above, then ask the reverse of yourself in that same friendship. If you notice some concerns coming up for you, open up a dialogue with the friend. True friends are willing to have tough conversations! 

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