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Seek Help - We All Need It

Seek Help - We All Need It


Whether it’s from a friend, partner, or mental health professional, we all benefit from some help from time to time. Humans are hardwired to connect; none of us is meant to manage all of our difficulties alone. What would you say to a loved one who was struggling? “I’m here for you” is a common response. If you desire to be there for others, let others be there for you! 

Sometimes, our friends and loved ones cannot offer the degree of help we really need. Mental health professionals often find that individuals seek therapy or counseling services as a last resort after trying to manage things independently for a very long time. While it’s never too late to seek help, early intervention can offer more efficient results! 

Often, the stigma that surrounds going to therapy serves as an obstacle that prevents people from seeking help if/when they need it. Seeking help must be seen as an act of self care, self reflection, and self improvement, which can only help us to show up better for ourselves, our loved ones, and our passions. 

Video: Interrupting Our Mental Health Stigma (3:55)

Check out this video that outlines 5 different signs that might suggest that someone could benefit from seeking help from a therapist.

Video: 5 Signs You Should Consider Therapy (5:10)

Video: Should You See a Therapist? (3:53)

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Call to Action: 

  • Consider: How do you think / speak about someone who is behaving in an unexpected way? Do you use words like “insane” or “mentally ill” to describe them? What alternative language could you use that would reduce mental health stigma? 
  • Consider: How would you know if you or your child should seek help from a mental health professional? Do you know where you would start?

Next week’s Mental Health Spotlight is all about navigating insurance coverage, including a tool for finding a mental health professional!