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Mission and Goals


Bloomfield Hills Schools will empower every student to achieve their goals through a system that is inclusive and equitable for all.


Bloomfield Hills Schools prepares all students to be lifelong learners and engaged citizens in a safe and supportive environment that is equitable and inclusive. Led by high expectations, Bloomfield Hills Schools students discover and pursue their unique potential.

Strategic Plan Goals

BHS will provide an educational experience where all learners are empowered to reach their unique potential reflecting the BHS "Portrait of Learner."

BHS will maximize and equitably allocate resources to achieve District goals.

BHS will continue to attract, retain, and develop a high quality workforce that supports every student through:

BHS provides all community members with information to be engaged and empowered.

Goal #5: Bloomfield Hills Schools will foster, encourage, and develop a diverse culture where equity and inclusion are at the forefront of decision making processes: multiple perspectives are shared, celebrated and included, empowering students and staff with the knowledge, experiences, and skills necessary/needed to make the world a just and equitable place for all.