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Welcome to Bloomfield Hills High School! Our state of the art facility is designed around learning communities to help personalize learning for all students in a collaborative environment. The building is designed to support the highest levels of student engagement and academic success.

Bloomfield Hills High School is the product of the consolidation of Andover High School (1955–2013) and Lahser High School (1967–2013). Our new facility houses Bloomfield Hills High School grades 9-12, provides a permanent facility on-site for Model Center, and offer highly collaborative and technical learning spaces for our high school students. We invite you to come see the new facility and all it has to offer for students!

Our success is due in large part to a talented and highly qualified staff who are committed to meeting the needs of each student. We are guided by our school cornerstones of Relationships, Authentic Learning, Responsibility and Ownership, and Innovation. As a staff, we are dedicated to being life-long learners so our students are well prepared for college and beyond.

We are surrounded by an energetic and involved parent community and greatly appreciate all of the time and effort they put into our school. Please take a moment to browse the PTO section of our website and see how you too can become active in our school community.

Finally, if you're visiting our website from beyond our district and think you're ready to take the next step in offering a quality high school experience for your child, contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour.

Thank you and go Black Hawks!

-Charlie Hollerith, BHHS Principal

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More About Us...

What better way to learn more about Bloomfield Hills High School than from our students? Check out the commencement speech delivered by Brendan Eathorne (class of 2016):

"This one goes out to all of us.

This one goes out to who we are, and who we were.

This one goes out to the windowsill daydreamers, the hopeless romantics, the prom night wallflowers.

This one goes out to the straight­ B students, the Ivy­ League­ bound, and anybody who’s taken a test with just a pencil and a prayer.

This one goes out to the all night crammers, who bear the scars of their sleepless battles as they trudge the halls with heavy eyes.

This one goes out to the coffee­ drinkers, the stir­fry eaters, and anyone who has spontaneously baked tasty treats to the surprise of a hungry class.

This one goes out to the little brothers, trying to live up to last­-named legacies.

This one goes out to the big sisters, blossoming fast with a disciple in tow.

This one goes out to the kids who didn't make the team, who lost the championship game, who learned more by falling short than any prize could teach.

This one goes out to the gossip­ spreaders, the Twitter­ checkers, class sleepers, curve­ breakers, and all the fellas who got up the nerve to ask a pretty girl to dance.

This one goes out to the late­ bloomers, the finger­ painters, friendship­ makers, bus­ riders, carpool­ drivers, and the ones who can’t seem to get over that boy.

This one goes out to the kid who never quite fit in, and to the kid who never quite wanted to.

This one goes out to the homecoming queens, the wayward teens, the late ­to ­class and the early­ to rise, if you’ve put an apple on a teacher’s desk, raise your hand. If you’ve scratched a name in a desk to tell the world, “I was here”, raise it higher.

This one goes out to you.

This one goes out to the Lahser Knights.

This one goes out to the Andover Barons.

This one goes out to the Bloomfield Black Hawks.

This one goes out to the Class of 2016.

This one goes out to us.

Embrace this day.

For all the days in thirteen years of school, the days when nothing seemed to happen, the days when summer couldn’t come faster, the days that were frozen in time while this day, today, sat in the unfathomable future, you may now look with unbridled eyes and see their worth. Graduation is a culmination, not of thousands of days of anticipation, but of each day, and the choices we made, the conversations we started, the lessons we learned, and the people we loved. If not today, then when, will we look upon the faces of our friends, some faces we looked upon at six years old, and appreciate the expressions of love and compassion we have come to cherish from one another, through excitement, boredom, grief, and elation. Embrace them. If not today, then when, will we come to thank our teachers and the faculty of our school, for the devotion it requires to advance us, every one, to this day. Look in their eyes, and the love and pride that drives many of them to teach, often thanklessly, day in and day out, pours out upon our crowd. Give them our thanks, as they have given us their gift. Teachers make us more excited to be alive, prouder to be alive, than we had previously believed possible. Embrace them. Look, today, in our parents’ eyes, if you can spare the tears, and see in them one of their fondest dreams come true. Embrace them, if not with our arms, then with our hearts, and reflect the love they have endlessly given so that we may have comfort today and for all of days. Embrace this day.

Embrace change.

It's something that's been asked of us before, time and time again. This class came well­ equipped, being veterans of transitions, pioneers of precedent. This year, we were the vanguard of a community now housed within beautiful windows and walls: brick, glass, and cement that will withstand the force of nature as we have withstood the force of change, both while looking handsome, if I may :). Today, things change. The world awaits us, but do not be deceived, it does not wait for us. Learning to adapt is everything in a world that will change every day. Embrace this fact, and we will become the changers. Luckily, we have a head start.

Embrace kindness.

Do not regret the flunked tests or rejection letters. Nor should we regret occasional humiliations, wasted time, or hopeless crushes. They are the inevitable byproduct of this journey. Regret only not having loved with more of our hearts, having thanked enough of the countless people who have made their sacrifice our welcome, and having shown kindness, true kindness, to the many people who come and go from our lives, especially those among us today:

The daydreamers.

The game winners.

The go­ getters, stranger’s­ dog­ petters, bedwetters, trendsetters.

The good­ luck­ charmers, sleep­ through­ alarmers.

The ones who embraced their identities or forged new ones.

Who took paints and made them pictures who took words and gave them meanings who took dreams and made them realities here’s one more.

For each of us.

Go forth and change this world, and do it in the name of kindness and love.

For those of us who will, this one goes out to you."



The mission of Bloomfield Hills High School is to empower students to become lifelong learners and equip them with the skills needed for success in a global society. This mission is supported by our four cornerstones: relationships, responsibility and ownership, authentic learning, and innovation.


Go, Bloomfield Black Hawks, Break right through that line
With your colors flying, We will cheer you all the time

Rah! Rah! Rah!
Go Bloomfield Black Hawks, Fight for victory!
Spread far the fame of our fair name
And Bloomfield Hills will win this game!
Go Hawks Go!
Go Hawks Go!
Hit' em high, Hit 'em low, And Go Hawks Go!