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Service As Action Opportunities:

Michigan State University Tollgate Stewards Program

MSU Tollgate's Stewards program is a volunteer teen leadership program which enriches teens' lives by providing them leadership opportunities and a chance to explore career options within natural resources, education, agriculture, and so many more fields of study. Stewards are 15-19 volunteers. Stewards-in-Training pay half price for camp and are 13-14 years of age.

Both Stewards and SITs become 4-H members when they join the Stewards program which provides them with a large range of additional leadership and training opportunities as well as college scholarship opportunities. There is a $ 20 4-H participation fee to be a Steward or Steward-in-Training. Stewards-in-Training also pay half price for camp. This year, there are many new exciting camps for 13-14 year olds, too!

There are many youth development aspects to the program for the teens including an overnight campout training on the farm with campus speakers, teambuilding, animal care training, and lots of fun. A midsummer celebration has additional life skills training and the camp season closes with a large capstone celebration. There is an application and interview process and resumes are encouraged and reviewed. Each week at camp, teens have guest career speakers and teambuilding sessions. The leadership experience at camp is life-changing. This program is robust and is always seeking strong 13-19 year to join us.

Here is the link where students can learn more or register. Spaces fill quickly, especially for very limited Steward in Training spaces, and interviews are being held May 2 and 3, so we encourage students to apply early.


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SCAMP Teen Volunteer Opportunity

​The Bloomfield Hills Recreation-Community Service Division offers a teen volunteer program that meets the needs of most community service requirements.  Students may volunteer to work at SCAMP to gain valuable work experience while enriching their community by utilizing their free time to do volunteer work. SCAMP is a 5 week summer program that seeks to provide an exciting and therapeutic summer program for individuals with disabilities ages 3-26 in the Metro Detroit area. For more information on SCAMP, see this website:


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CCSEM Tutoring

The Hispanic & Newcomer Outreach Tutoring Program of Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan are seeking student volunteers to work with children from Hispanic Families in the first through fifth grades at five elementary school in Pontiac. Twice per week. You don't need a background in Spanish to help! The Students speak English and need help with their homework and other academic activities to improve their performance in multiple subject areas. This tutoring help is a good fit for high school and college students as well as retirees or other who have afternoon free. Volunteer tutors team up with onsite CCSEM staff for support and coordination. Visit this link to apply.

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