Learning Communities

Beginning in the fall of 2014, students in 9th and 10th grades at Bloomfield Hills High School moved into a Learning Communities model in many of their core classes.

The teachers and administrators on the learning community team have worked very hard to explore the best options for implementing this model. The creation of learning communities is the result of extensive research, site visits, and collaboration with schools currently in practice. This structure allows for:

  • Increased interdisciplinary connections
  • Greater personalization for individual student needs and experiences
  • Stronger relationships between staff and students
  • An elevated community climate

The new high school is designed around Learning Communities giving students and staff the opportunity to learn in a personalized and collaborative environment. At the heart of our Learning Communities is the promotion of authentic learning and innovation so every student can meet his/her full potential and be well prepared for life after high school.

BHHS Learning Communities are designed around our Four Cornerstones and the district's Portrait of a Learner.

Four Cornerstones

The Four Cornerstones are the foundation upon which our curriculum, scheduling, collaboration, and interactions will be based and important qualities required for successful learning communities.
  • Relationships
  • Authentic Learning
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility and Ownership