Media Arts Pathway


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The Media Arts pathway invites students to investigate and produce media content. From historical and cultural study to hands-on production, students in the program will understand how media is created, for which express purpose, directed for specific audiences, to deliver a desired message.

Media Arts students become active consumers and producers of media content in the areas of Radio, Television, Film and Digital Interactive Content.

Developing Responsibility and Ownership

  • Establishing Authentic Community Interaction
  • Respecting a Student-Focused Curriculum
  • Expanding Risk-taking and Curiosity
  • Producing Work With Integrity
  • Becoming Ethical Consumers and Producers of Media
  • Fostering Connectivity of Content and Context
  • Advancing Classroom and Community Relationships

Why Choose Media Arts?

  • Opportunities for creative outlet
  • Authentic learning for real audiences
  • Hands-on learning through collaborative experiences
  • Investigation of pop culture and the arts
  • Exploring your curiosities
  • Becoming a critical thinker
  • Challenging your current perspectives
  • Becoming a skilled communicator
  • Building your social, ethical and aesthetic awarenesses
  • Potential career and higher education preparation

Two Classes Per Semester:

Year One:

  • 2.0 English
  • .5 Social Studies
  • Technology Endorsement

Year Two:

  • .0-1.5 English
  • .5-1.0 Internship Elective Credit
  • Technology Endorsement

Course Names:

  • English Professional Learning Pathways Media Arts 1 (Model)
  • English Professional Learning Pathways Media Arts 2 (Model)

Course Numbers:

  • #20200
  • #20214
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