Spring Testing

Dear BHHS Families:

On Tuesday, April 13, Wednesday, April 14, and Thursday, April 15, 2021, the students of BHHS will be engaged in standardized testing.  The State of Michigan calls for all students to take these standardized assessments. Ninth grade students will take the PSAT 9 and tenth grade students will take the PSAT 10. Eleventh grade students will take the SAT with Essay, ACT Work Keys, and M-STEP.  The Michigan Department of Education and Bloomfield Hills Schools have determined the following testing dates:

*Grade levels not scheduled for in-person testing on each day will not come in-person and either have no school or asynchronous remote learning on those days.  See schedules below.*

All high schools have been informed by the State of Michigan and the College Board that they must adhere to strict testing regulations. Students who do not adhere to any of these regulations will have their tests invalidated. These testing regulations are as follows: 

  • Cell phones and other electronic devices must be powered off. We suggest students do not bring them to school. Tests will be invalidated if there is any audible notification from a cell phone or other device.

  • Photo Identification must be shown (student ID or driver’s license) when students check into their testing room. Students testing should arrive at their testing room before 7:25 a.m. Please note that there will be no Black Hawk Hour on these days, as testing begins at 7:25.  No students who are testing will be admitted after 7:45 on April 13, 14 and 15.

  • Students should bring a calculator for use on some of the math sections of the exams. 

  • Students will have scheduled breaks where they may eat a snack which they should bring with them. No food or drink will be allowed to be consumed during testing time. Proctors will notify students when they may have their snack.

  • Students should bring at least two sharpened No. 2 pencils with erasers to the testing session. 

  • Students will need to maintain safety protocols of the BHS Schools.  This includes wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and maintaining a safe social distance. 

Michigan Merit Examination (SAT with Essay,) testing participation for 12th graders is an expectation for all Bloomfield Hills High School and Bowers Academy students.  If you have specific health concerns, and therefore wish to not take these assessments at this time, or wish to take these assessments on the make-up days provided, please contact your counselor.

The State of Michigan and the College Board have very strict guidelines and we ask our families to assist us in conveying to our students not only the importance of these exams, but also the necessity to comply with the regulations set forth by the State. Additionally, students must be on time for these assessments. Students who arrive after the tests have begun will be required to return for the make-up test dates on April 27, April 28, and/or April 29. 

Regular and special bus transportation will be provided on the days of the tests. A formal testing schedule with detailed information can be found on the school’s website and will also be sent to families via listserv. Please mark your calendars for April 13 (SAT, PSAT 9), April 14 (ACT Work Keys, PSAT 10), and April 15 (M-STEP Science and Social Studies).  Please note:  If your child receives accommodations, please refer to the individualized instructions your child will receive.

Thank you for your help in making this a successful spring testing session!

Cathy McDonald
Associate Principal, Assessment Coordinator

2021 Spring Testing Schedule

Monday, April 12 and Friday, April 16 will run a regular schedule