The New BHHS

How We Built BHHS

"The graduating class of 2013 represented a significant time in our district, the end of an era. On May 11, 2013, both Andover and Lahser were open to the public, giving alumni, community members, and current families and staff a chance to say goodbye to these two historic pillars. I'd like to thank everyone who came out, making it a very memorable day. Our goal in this transition process has always been to honor the past and celebrate the future. Thank you for helping us pay tribute to the past and we appreciate all of the kind words of encouragement as we look toward the next chapter in our district, Bloomfield Hills High School.

In preparing for Bloomfield Hills High School, our district staff from both buildings met on a regular basis to share in professional development experiences and discuss the multitude of questions and concerns. Charlie Hollerith and Rob Durecka's leadership helped guide staff through this challenging process. District teams have spent countless hours debating and deciding on everything from transportation logistics, scheduling, melding two traditions, and hiring decisions, to flooring tile colors, furniture choices and athletic apparel. No stone has been unturned in these meetings and we look forward to a smooth and healthy transition for students and our entire team.

The significance of all of this work has not been lost on our staff and the definitions of "project based learning" and "collaboration" can be seen in just about every classroom of the district, on any given day. When I walk through our buildings and hear students deeply engaged in their work, I know that we have something special happening here. Though the high school project seems to garner the most attention at this time, this work that is being done to prepare for the high school is a pre-K – 12th grade experience and is already fundamentally shifting the way we teach and learn in Bloomfield.

Over the summer months, thanks to support from tax payers, many district facilities received significant upgrades and now all three middle schools house a Gateway Space. Gateway Spaces are large, open, flexible learning environments that support a wide range of technology and activities. These areas will help bring the open learning concept to our middle schools, assisting students in their transition to the high school in 9th grade.

Please continue to visit this section of our website to learn about the project timeline, read updates, view photos and video, and more. If you have a question for us, please consider using the green "Contact Us" link at the very top of the screen, above the search bar.

Thank you for your continued support during this transition."

-Sincerely, Dr.
Rob Glass, Superintendent

Building Stats

  • 372,000 Square Feet of Space
  • Capacity of Approximately 1,800
  • Projected Enrollment of 1,650
  • 9 Learning Communities
  • 800-Seat Auditorium
  • 12-Lane Pool with Seating for 400
  • 1,700 Bleacher Seats in the Gym
  • 3 Large Music Rooms
  • High Efficiency Condensing Boilers
  • 97% Efficient Water Heaters

Learning Communities

The new high school is designed around Learning Communities giving students and staff the opportunity to learn in a personalized and collaborative environment. At the heart of our Learning Communities is the promotion of authentic learning and innovation so every student can meet his/her full potential and be well prepared for life after high school. Click here for more information about Learning Communities.

Honoring The Past

What happened to trophies and other honors that were on display at both high schools?

A small number of most notable awards for both Lahser and Andover High Schools (typically regional level championships and greater) have been placed into a special display area honoring both schools. Trophies not displayed in this way due to limited space are being digitally photographed and categorized by year/sport so that they can be viewed digitally online or accessed via a display within the school. Once digitally recorded, the original trophies will be offered back to the coaches/teams to which they were given.

What happened to the existing athletic records and record banners/displays that were at both high schools?

Effective July 1 2013, records for Andover and Lahser were closed and new records started for BHHS. Banners and record boards hanging in each high school are being digitally recorded and will be included in the online database with the trophies and other items. A new BHHS record board is posted in the gymnasium of the main campus.

Are mascots and other school memorabilia showcased?

As with trophies, the mascots for both Andover and Lahser are being appropriately commemorated in either physical and/or digital form.

What happened to scholarships and dedicated items located at each school?

These have been maintained to the maximum extent possible. In cases where trees or other items cannot physically survive relocation, we are working directly with the parties who established or who manage the program in question to determining the most appropriate course of action.

What happened to surplus uniforms or other items from Andover or Lahser?

These items were offered for sale.

General Questions

When did the transition occur?

When school began in the fall of 2013, Andover and Lahser High Schools combined to form Bloomfield Hills High School. For the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years, ninth grade students were located at the BHHS Ninth Grade Campus (the former Hickory Grove school), and 10th-12th grade students were located at the BHHS Main Campus (former Lahser HS.)

What time does school start?

All grades (9th through 12th) start at 7:25 a.m.

What will be done with the old Lahser High School building?

We all would prefer a simple answer, but the truth is that the Lahser building, albeit aging, represents a substantial investment for the community and the school district. Accordingly, its disposition should be carefully considered in light of the opportunities and realities that will exist somewhere around 2015, closer to the time that the building will no longer be needed for student use during the BHHS construction period.

As one can imagine, the possibilities for Lahser could potentially range into the dozens; everything from outright sale to demolition to partial demolition/partial sale to some other kind of creative partnership that enhances value to the district and the entire community should be considered. The community invested in Lahser and the community deserves to have a part in deciding its future. To do so in an open, fair, unbiased manner will require professional facilitation. While the expense of a facilitator/consultant may be seen as undesirable, it is in fact essential. District personnel do not have the capacity do a thorough job in dealing with Lahser while simultaneously looking after regular duties, building the new BHHS and making sure students have a seamless experience during their multi-year transition to their new high school.

Coupled with the Lahser question, Hickory Grove and Pine Lake Schools became vacant once again in June of 2015. The future of these properties should also be considered holistically along with Lahser, so that the 'big picture' is being considered in the light of fresh data, enrollment trends, state funding and current school laws which are ever changing.

Four Cornerstones

The Four Cornerstones are the foundation upon which our curriculum, scheduling, collaboration, and interactions will be based and important qualities required for successful learning communities.



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