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Balfour Cap and Gown Orders

If you haven't already ordered your cap and gown package, just go to and enter code MI161640 

This code guarantees that you will receive the Bloomfield Hills cap & gown.  

You can also use this link to take you directly to the Bloomfield Hills cap & gown ordering page:

Your cap and gown will be shipped directly to the school for distribution in the spring.

Any souvenir items that you order such as tassels, key chains, t-shirts and hoodies will ship directly to your home.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at 248-689-4445, or email us at: or through the website at

Rick Kast
997 Rochester Rd Ste B
Troy, MI 48083
ph 248-689-4445

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Clubs and Co-Curriculars

We have many clubs and co-curricular activities that allow students the opportunity to get involved. Please see this list and contact the club sponsor if you are interested or have any questions.  Here is a highlight of the Interact Club:

Interact serves as the high school arm of Rotary International. Our Bloomfield Hills High School chapter organizes community service projects and fundraisers to support local causes.

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Academic Year 2020-2021

Subject:  BHHS PTO – Calling All Families to Join Us!

The BHHS PTO is a place where all student families can meet other families, share experiences, get information, discuss issues, and interact with school administrators and staff.  You can get involved in various activities if you’d like, but it’s not required. Even though we are starting the school year off remotely, there are still things to do and ways we can support our students! We are always looking for novel ideas for how to do this and would love to hear from you.

Thank you to everyone who has already joined PTO. If you have not had a chance to, please consider joining.  We value your input and your support for the numerous PTO-sponsored programs throughout the year. Membership also means you get a vote at the monthly PTO meetings. 

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Student Drop-Off/Pick-up Reminders

A couple of important reminders if you are going to drop off or pick up your student from school:

  1. Please drop-off in designated areas (click here). See map for drop-off locations. Please do not drop your student off on Andover or Long Lake roads. 

  2. Please do not block crosswalks.

  3. Please pull forward (as far as possible) in drop-off areas to minimize traffic back-ups on Andover and Long Lake roads. 

  4. Please do not drop off in the designated areas for student and staff parking.

  5. Students and families should never park in drop-off areas at any times.

  6. Please use caution at all times 

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Importance of Pre-screening and Face Covering Guidelines

Importance of Pre-screen

Remember to pre-screen at  This can be completed from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Paper copies are also available for those who wish to print the checklist for a home reference.

Thank you for your cooperation and daily diligence in this process!

Face Coverings/Masks

Please remember, all students and staff must follow all safety measures.  This includes not just wearing a face covering, but an approved facial covering. Please review the following Face Covering Guidelines.

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A couple of important reminders regarding lunches:

  • We now have four lunch periods to help reduce lunch sizes for health and safety.. Average lunch sizes will range between 200-225 students per lunch in the hybrid schedule. Lunches are determined by location of your 5th or 6th hour class. To determine which lunch a student has please look at the room number for the 5th or 6th period class on MiStar. The lunch schedule is as follows; A Lunch: LC A100, B100, C100, B Lunch: LC A200, B200, C200, D200, C Lunch: World Lang,KM, DS, G Wing, D Lunch: Model Center, Performing Arts, Art, and PE.

  • Students are restricted to eat lunch only in main street, main commons, grand staircase, and upstairs main commons areas. Seating is restricted per table.

  • Complete breakfasts and lunches will be served at no cost to students. This program will tentatively run through winter break.

  • All food choices will be pre-packaged. 

  • Please view food service letter by clicking this link.

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Balfour Cap and Gown Orders

Welcome class of 2021!  I know it sounds crazy, but we are already planning for your graduation from Bloomfield Hills High School.  Your cap and gown and senior items are a key part of your celebration, and we understand how important it is.  This class has already been through many challenges, so we made the order process fast and easy for you this year.

To order your cap and gown package, just go to and enter promo code MI161640 

This promo code guarantees that you will receive the Bloomfield Hills cap & gown.  

You can also use this link to take you directly to the Bloomfield Hills cap & gown ordering page:

All orders must be placed by October 10th before the promo code expires. 

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Nut-Restricted Zones

Bloomfield Hills High School has designated the Main Commons and Learning Communities A, B, C, and D on both the upper and lower levels as nut-restricted zones. There are students in our building who are highly allergic to nuts or nut products and will be eating in these zones. Please plan snacks and lunches accordingly. We appreciate in advance your full cooperation.

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