Community Members Share Inspirational Personal Stories with 9th Grade Classes

In April, Bloomfield Hills High School students in ninth grade received unique and inspirational lessons during their Interdisciplinary Studies, History, and English classes. Families and community members from across Bloomfield Hills Schools were invited to share stories - ranging from personal stories of their families’ immigration to career paths, to powerful personal anecdotes - that were designed to inspire, educate, and motivate students. 

Caleb Bivens (9th Grade) shares, “One thing that really interested me during the presentations was the emotions the speakers projected onto the audience. Using Principal Stroughter’s presentation as an example, I was able to show a lot of empathy for him as he was talking about his childhood. This went for all of our other speakers. Truly moving!” Kendall Schulz (9th Grade) reflects, “One of the most interesting things I thought about the stories was the fact that it felt real - you read books and might watch it on the news, but it almost feels like another world. It’s very easy to forget horrible events like the Japanese American internment camps existed. Yet, to have that experience of listening to second-hand accounts is a great reminder to be more grateful and kind to one another and make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself.”

Coordinated by BHHS Ninth Grade World History teacher Karen Twomey, this was the first year that community members were invited to share their stories. As just a few examples, Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein, who is an alumnus of Andover High School, shared inspiring stories about his career path. BHS parent Stacy Fox explained both family immigration history and baking career stories (also bringing yummy cookies for students!). BHHS Associate Principal David Reed-Nordwall shared a powerful message about the dangers of assumptions, connecting this theme with stories about his own childhood and how to overcome obstacles. Another BHS parent, Ranya Shbeib, explained the process and experience of being a foster family for both local and international foster children. These stories and more provided BHHS 9th grade students with a broad and engaging experience in which they connected with and learned about many members of our community. 

BHS appreciates the time our community members took to share their experiences and give our students the chance to learn in a way they may never have otherwise experienced. We look forward to many more years of this unique opportunity for our BHHS community to come together and share stories that unite us all.



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Junior Parking Lottery Results Are In!


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