BHHS Students Showcase Learning with Literary Food Trucks

Several of the 10th grade English classes finished their year with a creative Literary Food Truck experience. Students fashioned a food truck display through posters and three-dimensional objects while also serving food inspired by the book they read. 

Teacher Rachel Matz and Sarah Weaver have been brainstorming this project for a while. “The students needed to provide an argument as to why their book represented 21st Century literature,” said Matz. “They had to come up with what their food should be and why it connected to the characters. We also did a lot of analysis on their independent reading, which is not easy. It’s not an essay with a thesis that they already know how to do. They had to think, ‘How do I express that argument in a menu item for a food truck?’”

Sinan Alanee (grade 10) read the book “American Born Chinese” and prepared authentic Chinese food. The book is about a young person from San Francisco’s Chinatown who moves to a much less diverse town. Alanee said the story resonated strongly with their own experiences. “My family is Arab,” said Alanee, “and I used to get called terrible things when I was younger, like ‘terrorist’. So, I tried to become like all the other kids. But then I didn’t really feel like that was me.”

At the food truck for “The Girl in the Mirror,” a psychological thriller about identical twins set in a tropical climate, Sikina Bhinderwala (grade 10) handed out coconut water. Bhinderwala explained how it connected to the assignment to represent 21st Century literature, saying, “I think it shows greed in America and how it reflects in relationships.”

Michael Hakopian (grade 10) and Jacob Welch (grade 10) shared a table, but their book settings could not have been more diverse. Hakopian selected “Unbroken”, a story about an Olympic athlete who becomes a WWII pilot, while Welch chose “Martian,” a futuristic realistic science fiction story about an astronaut who is stranded on Mars. 

Hakopian created a 3D rendering of a B-52 bomber and cooked seaweed pizza. “It places you really well into the text and tells the full story,” said Hakopian. “I found the setting of the Pacific Theater very interesting and read other books about that this year.” Welch, who had a space-themed food truck, noted,  “It’s well-written and funny. The main character is sarcastic all the time, so that’s my kind of humor. Plus, the author considers each problem very scientifically and the solutions are realistic processes for survival, which I found fascinating.”

The students spent the class period visiting the various food trucks and learned not only about other books they might like, but also got to sample some delicious treats. “It's a really fun way to express their learning, and it was great to see them being excited about reading,” said Matz.



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