Homecoming Spirit Week 2019 will take place Tuesday, October 1 - Saturday, October 5, 2019.

Homecoming Theme

The 2019 Homecoming theme is BOARD GAMES. Each grade has a different board game as their class theme, as well as a grade color. 

  • Seniors: Monopoly Color:  Black
  • Juniors:  Candyland Color:  Pink
  • Sophomores: Clue Color:  Red
  • Freshmen: Chutes and Ladders Color:  Blue

Homecoming Spirit Packages

*Spirit packages were pre-ordered by email and are no longer available for purchase* Packages that were pre-ordered will be paid for and picked up on Tuesday, 10/1 and Wednesday, 10/2 during all lunches. Limited additional packages will be available first come first serve after school on Wednesday in LC 10 B.

Homecoming packages contain spirit items to help students show school spirit and unite the grades at the beginning of the school year. Package items will be worn during the Black Hawk Games on Thursday, October 3rd. Package items are personalized to each grade’s personal Homecoming Theme. All packages include multiple spirit items including a class t-shirt. Senior packages include an additional Senior Class t-shirt.  Students who did not purchase a spirit package are encouraged to wear their class color to support their class during class competitions/games during the assembly. The cost for Spirit Packages are as follows:

Package Prices:

  • Freshmen $15
  • Sophomores $20
  • Juniors $25
  • Seniors $30

Homecoming Dance Ticket Sales

Homecoming Dance tickets will be sold on Tuesday, October 1, through Friday, October 4, during all lunches for $15 in the BHHS Main Commons. Students with fines will not be allowed to purchase a ticket until all fines have been paid. Students must complete and return a signed guest contract at the time of ticket purchase if they wish to bring a date from outside of Bloomfield Hills Schools.

Homecoming Dress Up Days

  • Monday: No school 
  • Tuesday: Neon Day  
  • Wednesday:  Camo/Battleship
  • Thursday:  Class Colors/Spirit Package Items
  • Friday:  Black Hawk Spirit (wear black, purple, and silver!)

All Night Hallway Decorating

ALL BHHS students will be invited to join us to decorate the hallways, create class banners, and make grocery cart floats on Wednesday, October 2, from 3:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.   Snacks and drinks will be available during decorating. Class Sponsors, Advisors, BHHS Administrators, and parent chaperones will overlook the festivities. 

Black Hawk Games & Pep Assembly

The Black Hawk Games will be held on Thursday, October 3, and the Pep Assembly will be held on Friday, October 4, during school in the main gym.  These events are the culmination of a whole week of spirit and pride. The games allow students to participate in friendly competition with other grades.  Students will be able to vote on the games that they would like to see and will also be able to volunteer to participate in one of the games. T

he assemblies will honor our fall sports teams and will prepare the students for the Homecoming football game.  Special appearance will be made by the Jills, the BHHS Band, the Cheer Team, the Poms Squad, The BIFF (WBFH Radio Station), etc. The assembly will also honor the 2019 Homecoming Court by crowning the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade Princes and the senior King.

Homecoming Football Game

The Homecoming Football Game will be held on Friday, October 4, at 7:00 p.m.   A special half time show will honor the 2019 Homecoming Court by crowning the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade Princess and the senior Queen.  There will also be a special performance by the Poms Squad, the Cheer Team, and the Band. The decorated grocery cart floats and class banners will also be paraded around the track at this time.

Homecoming Court

Students will be given the opportunity to vote for the 2019 Homecoming Court for their respective grade.  The voting will take place on Moodle between the dates of Monday, September 23, through Wednesday, October 3,  in two rounds.  

Round one (September 23-September 27: Homecoming Court Nominations)— 12th Graders will nominate five boys and five girls; all other grades will nominate three boys and three girls to represent them as the 2019 Homecoming Court.  A list of all students in each grade will be available in the voting form as a reference when nominating.  

Round two (September 30-October 3: Homecoming Court Voting)—the boys and girls from each grade that have received the most votes will represent their grade as the 2019 Homecoming Court Nominees. Students will vote for one of the nominees to represent their class as our Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Prince and Princess and the Senior King and Queen.  

*An email with voting directions and active links will be sent to the entire student body during each round. *Princes and Princesses will be crowned at the Pep Assembly and the King and Queen will be crowned at the Homecoming Football Game.

Homecoming Dance

The Homecoming Dance will take place on Saturday, October 5, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Doors close at 8:00 p.m. and students will not be allowed to enter the dance after that time. A photo idea and ticket is required at the door for entry.  Students should be picked up promptly at the conclusion of the dance. The dance will be held in the Main Commons and refreshments on Main Street. The dance will be chaperoned by the Bloomfield Hills High School Administration, Student Leadership Advisors, Class Sponsors, and BHHS faculty and teaching staff.  Refreshments will be available for students at the dance free of charge.

All students are encouraged to attend the dance. No date is necessary to attend.  Many students come by themselves or in groups with friends.  If your student would like to bring a date from another school, the guest student will need to fill out a Guest Contract and turn it in at the time of ticket purchase.  

There is no requisite dress code for the Homecoming Dance; however, students must adhere to the BHHS Student Code of Conduct. Most students wear cocktail attire. Girls generally wear cocktail or full length dresses. Boys often wear a suit, dress shirt and tie. There is a coat check at the dance, so boys will be able to check their coats and girls can check their purses and shoes. Note that the dress code will be enforced. 

It is strongly discouraged for students to take limos or party buses to the dance. All limos and party buses will be searched and students are subject to search and question.  Doors close at 8:00 p.m. and limo checks may delay entrance times.

Bloomfield Hills High School does not sponsor any dance/event after parties. 

Music at the Homecoming Dance

Hello students and families, 

Homecoming is right around the corner. As we prepare for another exciting week, Student Leadership felt it was important for students, BHHS Administration, and Ms. Schultz, Administrator for Social Emotional Learning and Educational Equity, to come together to discuss the importance of being equitable, inclusive, and restorative throughout Homecoming week. 

One focus area that we would like to share with you is in regards to music at the dance. This year, students were able to request songs, giving them new freedom and choice. With that being said, we understand that some songs contain words that represent hate and bias or that may be harmful to some students. Rather than eliminating specific songs (censored/edited versions will still be used), we are asking that students take accountability for their choice of words and do not sing along when harmful language is used. 

This school has no place for hate and values the belief that “you don’t have to be one of to stand with.” Our hope is that dances continue to be fun, safe, and welcoming places for everyone. 


Student Leaders and BHS Administration

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding Student Leadership run events, please speak with a Student Leadership Representative or contact a class sponsor or class advisor.





  • Krista Laliberte 
  • Emily Handy 

Grade Level Sponsors

  • Freshmen-David Propst
  • Sophomores-Megan Minielly
  • Juniors-David Propst
  • Senior- Krista Laliberte

Student Leadership E-Board

  • BHHS Student Body Co-Presidents: Kaitlyn Luckoff  (12) & Brad Zousmer (12)
  • BHHS Secretary: Allie Yaker (11)
  • BHHS Treasurer: Eeshika Dadheech (12) 
  • BHHS PR/OAA Rep: Gabe Singer (11)
  • BHHS Technology Advisor: Ben Silberman (11)
  • BHHS Fundraising & Community Service Coordinator: Kaela Bernard (12)
  • Class Historian: Annaka Torrey (11)
  • Senior Prom Co-Chair: Grace Henderson (12)
  • Junior Prom Co-Chair: Hannah Tilds (11)

Additional information

Student Leadership is a student-led committee, along with our class advisors, class sponsors, and student representatives.

Members of Student Leadership help to

  • build rapport with students, staff, and community (serve as mediators)
  • fund raise for social events (i.e. student appreciation, prom)
  • build awareness, collect donations, and raise money for charitable organizations
  • advocate for all students
  • create and sponsor community service opportunities for students