Students who have a fever should always be kept home from school. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines a fever as a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher. In fact, the CDC recommends that anyone with a fever remain home until they are they are fever free for 24 hours, without the use of fever reducing drugs. We ask that you adhere to these recommendations for the health of your child, as well as for the other students and adults at BHMS.

Students who become ill during the school day should go to the BHMS Clinic. Clinic parent volunteers are there to facilitate a call to a sick student's parent or guardian so that arrangements can be made to have the student picked as soon as possible. The clinic is not intended to be a place for sick children to remain for any length of time during the school day. If your daytime or emergency phone numbers or contacts change during the year, please update your student's profile on your Parent Connect page.


Below are the dates for the transition activities for BHMS 8th graders moving on to Bloomfield Hills High School (BHHS) in the Fall. Please read the following information carefully, as action is required for both students AND their parents/guardians.

-For BHMS 8th Grade Students only: On Tuesday, March 6, the BHHS counselors will come to BHMS in the morning to meet with our 8th grade students and share information about 9th grade course selections. Course selection sheets will be passed out, and students will be given instructions on how to enter their 9th grade course requests into MiStar. This must be done prior to March 14.

-For BHMS 8th Grade Students AND Parents/Guardians: On Wednesday, March 14, the BHHS counselors will be back at BHMS to meet individually with 8th graders and a parent/guardian by appointment only. Students should be prepared to turn in their completed 9th grade course selection sheet, provide evidence that they have entered their courses into MiStar and come with questions. High School counselor assignments, which are broken down by the first letter of a student's last name, are shown on the appointment scheduling site. Appointments will be available every ten minutes from 7:30 - 11:00 a.m. and from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Please click HERE to set up an appointment with the appropriate BHHS counselor.

Students for whom an appointment has not been scheduled will be assigned a time to with their HS counselor on that date, even if a parent/guardian is unable to attend.

-Students who are certain they will not attend BHHS do not need to sign up for an appointment.

Please refer questions to BHMS 8th grade counselor, Mr. Flevaris.


We continue to receive phone calls from concerned parents about several car pool situations that are putting students at risk, causing a great deal of frustration, and creating congestion in the car pool lane. The BHMS administration, PTO, and volunteer parents are currently working on a plan to eliminate these situations. In the meantime, if your car pool practices contribute to any of these major concerns (there may be others) please discontinue those practices immediately and follow the correct procedure indicated.

Concern #1:  Cars bypassing those waiting in the right (inner) car pool lane, and dropping off or picking up students in the left (outer) lane.

Correct Procedure: Drop off and pick up in the right lane ONLY. Left lane should be a constantly moving lane used only for exiting the carpool area.

Concern #2: Cars backing up before pulling out of the right lane.

Correct Procedure: A student was nearly hit recently when a car backed up before pulling out of the right lane. Please wait the extra minute for the car in front of you to pull out, so that you do not need to back up to exit the lane.

Concern #3: Being in the right (inner) car pool lane, but ONLY dropping off or picking up directly in front of the building.

Correct Procedure: Drop off and pick up can be done in the right lane as far forward as the flagpole at the west end of the car pool circle, and as far back as the start of the sidewalk that extends from the building toward the road. Please do not leave space in front of you just to drop your student off directly in front of the building. This will keep the car pool lane moving, and minimize back-up on Quarton Road.

Concern #4: Cars entering the carpool lane prior to 7:55 a.m. (when the building opens), but sitting with students in the car until 7:55 a.m.

Correct Procedure: If you choose to have your student stay in the car until 7:55 a.m., please do not wait in the carpool lane. Instead, you are welcome to park in the lot near the tennis courts until your student is ready to exit from the car.


The Box Tops for Education Program has two redemption dates during the year;  November 1 and March 1. If you are saving up Box Tops for BHMS, please turn them in to the collection box in the Main Office by February 15. Carol Davis, Box Tops Coordinator for BHMS, and her team will be checking them for expiration dates, sorting, counting and preparing them for the March 1 redemption deadline. This is no small task, and BHMS is extremely thankful to Carol and her team for their efforts.

REMEMBER . . . each Box Top is worth ten cents to BHMS, but worth nothing if you toss it in your waste basket. The math is simply amazing. If 750 students each brought in only 10 Box Tops a month, for the nine months of the school year, BHMS would earn $6,750 annually to use toward programs or purchases not covered under the budget. Thanks for supporting BHMS in small ways that can have big results. For a list of products that contain Box Tops, click HERE.


Taking action to make the world a better place is a characteristic that is valued at BHMS. Service is one form of action. Service is defined as action that has a reach beyond the classroom with the purpose of making change. Through service as action experiences (formerly known as community service) in the classroom, throughout the school and within the community, students will enhance important skills of collaboration, perseverance, initiative, understanding, and engagement. NJHS is following the district shift from logging service hours to acquiring and reflecting on service experiences and learning outcomes for students.

Changes to NJHS Service Expectations
While in previous years NJHS candidates in the Bloomfield Hills School District have completed 20 hours of community service to fulfill the service requirement for induction, beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, the requirement now asks that students complete two service experiences in 8th grade, one to meet the grade-level requirement for Service as Action, and a second to fulfill the requirement for NJHS Induction.

In the past, students have completed a paper-copy form to verify their accumulated hours. This year, students will be able to complete their Service as Action reflection using the online BHMS Service as Action Form (this link is also found on the BHMS website under "Links and Resources"). This will foster improved communication between students and each school regarding the high-quality Service as Action experiences in which students are participating.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new service requirements, please contact 8th Grade Counselor NJHS Advisor, Anthony Flevaris.


Please remember that BHMS IS A NUT-RESTRICTED BUILDING, 24-HOURS A DAY, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. There are students in the building who are highly allergic to peanuts and all kinds of tree nuts, and their well-being is of concern.

Students should not bring lunch or snacks containing nuts or nut products. Additionally, please be sure that anything given to the office staff, to teachers, for classrooms, bake sales, end-of-sports or club parties or any other occasion are free of all nuts and nut products. Thank you so much for your consideration.


Please support the BHMS Me to We Club by dining in or carrying out dinner from Bagger Dave's in the Bloomfield Plaza on Telegraph at Maple,  on Wednesday, February 21. Bagger Dave's will donate 15% of overall sales from purchases made between 5-9 p.m on that date IF you print and present this coupon at the time of purchase. Money will go to the Me to We Club to help fund their many global and local activism campaigns and events.


BAKERS AND SELLERS ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED: Music Boosters continues to need volunteers for the weekly Wednesday fundraising bake sales, which take place immediately after school in the Gateway Space. Volunteers are needed to donate baked goods and/or run sales. PLEASE REMEMBER that products must not contain or be cooked with nuts or nut products. Baked items can be dropped off in the main office anytime before 2:45 p.m. Sign up to donate baked goods and/or work at a sale by clicking HEREThank you for supporting the BHMS Music Boosters!


PTO ONLINE DIRECTORY SPONSOR: The PTO would like to thank Heather and Steve Kallabat and Internal Medicine and Pediatrics of Bloomfield for sponsoring our school's online directory for the 3rd year in a row. The generosity of Dr. Kallabat and his family and office renews the license with MySchoolAnywhere. The donations are once again appreciated.

That directory is available to PTO members. If you are not in the directory and would like to be, click here and enter the code LancerDirectory. You can support the PTO by joining, which will give you access to the online directory. Please click on this link to join. The system will let you add your own information. To get the mobile app look for myschoolanywhere in the app store.

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