Mrs. Neuwirth's 8th grade BHMS Musical Theatre students have been hard at work all semester on their spring musical, Frozen! Each class (A day and B day) produced a 30 minute version of the musical, which was rehearsed in class and recorded in segments during class and after school. The students designed their own costumes, which included full coverage face masks, and staging was done with social distancing in mind. Mrs. Neuwirth says she is unbelievably proud of her students, who have worked hard this year and shown unparalleled resilience and dedication.

After some editing, the final products are ready to share. Videos may be viewed using Google Drive. Click the link below to find your student’s performance. Make sure you know whether your student is in the A day or B day class. Enjoy the show! Link:


FOR IN-PERSON STUDENTS: District-issued Chromebooks and chargers will be collected at BHMS on Wednesday, June 16. Students should bring their Chromebook and both sections of their charging cord with them to school that day. NOTE: One-on-one deployment of devices will continue next fall, but devices will be repaired and updated over the summer months by our IT team, then redistributed in the fall.

Fees for Missing Items: If your student has a missing Chromebook and/or charger, please have them bring a check payable to Bloomfield Hills Schools with them on June 16. Lost item fees are: Missing Chromebook: $300; Missing Charger/cable: $30

FOR BHMS BLOOMFIELD VIRTUAL OR REMOTE STUDENTS (revised from previous instructions): All K-5 Bloomfield Virtual and 6-8 remote students should drop off their district devices at Bloomfield Hills High School during the dates and times listed below.  

Location: Bloomfield Hills High School Main Entrance Drive
Address: 4200 Andover Road, Bloomfield Township, MI, 48302
Dates and Times: Friday, June 18, between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. OR Saturday, June 19, between 9:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m.

  • Process for drop off at BH High School for Virtual / Remote Students: Curbside drop-off - stay in your car and drive up to drop-off your device. A team member will come to your car, get your information, and then recover your device(s) and chargers(s). We estimate about a 2-5 minute process. Please be patient in the queue of cars.
  •  Additional return option for BHMS 5th grade Bloomfield Virtual and 6-8 remote students: Students who cannot make one of the district collection times at BH High School may also drop off their device and charger of at BHMS Monday, June 21 between 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • If none of the above dates and times work for the student and family, they must contact the BHMS Office at 248-341-6001 to coordinate a drop-off prior to June 25.

 Fees for Missing Items: If your student has a missing Chromebook and/or charger, please have them bring a check for the following amount, payable to Bloomfield Hills Schools, on one of the return dates. Missing Chromebook: $300; Missing Charger/cable: $30

Do I keep my student’s device(s) if they are attending summer school?
A: No, please have your student return their device(s) at their home building’s designated times.  Summer school students will be provided a new device.  Details of this deployment will be forthcoming soon.


The BHMS 8th Grade Recognition Ceremony will take place in person on Wednesday, June 16, at 7:00 p.m. outdoors in the Bloomfield Hills High School Athletic Stadium

  • 8th graders should arrive at the high school at 6:40 p.m. and meet inside the athletic entrance (near the pool) to line up and to prepare for the event.

    • To avoid a traffic back-up and the resulting late arrival of students, please park first then have your 8th grader walk to the athletic entrance.

    • Masks should be worn when students are lining up inside the building. 

    • Attire for this event is more formal in nature. Students typically wear long pants, a dress shirt, shirt/tie, or sport coat, or a dress, skirt, or slacks. The event will follow the school dress code. 

    • Students will enter the stadium on the track and be seated on the football field, which is not a solid surface. Please plan footwear accordingly.

  • Families and guests should go directly to the stadium bleachers. NOTE: The restriction on the number of guests has been removed. Seating will be first-come, first-serve.

  • Effective June 1, 2021, outdoor mask requirements by MDHHS and OCHD expired and masks will no longer be required at the recognition assembly. Masking out of doors will be optional for both 8th graders and their guests. However, when entering a building to use the restroom, for example, masks are still required. Following the OCHD/MDHHS recommendations, BHS recommends that those who are not vaccinated please consider masking while at the recognition assembly.

  • The BH Middle School 8th Grade Recognition Ceremony will also be streamed live at

    • Click HERE for direction on how best to access the live streaming feature

We look forward to celebrating the wonderful achievements of our students!


BHMS has a new club this year called B.I.O.N.I.C (Believe It Or Not I Care). One of its teams is the Extended Illness/Hospitalization team. If you know of a student who has been out sick for five or more days, or who is or has been in the hospital recently, the B.I.O.N.I.C. Club would love to reach out to them to see about sending a care package. Being out of school for a long period of time can cause loneliness, sadness, and sometimes anxiety about homework needing to be made up. We want students to know that other students are here for them and thinking about them. Please use this referral form to let the club know which BHMS student could benefit from a smile!!


National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony: The pre-recorded video of the NJHS Induction Ceremony will be released the week of June 14. NJHS inductees will also be recognized during the 8th grade Recognition Ceremony.

8th Grade Recognition Ceremony: In-person on Wednesday, June 16, 7:00 p.m., outdoors at the BH High School Athletic Stadium. See article below for additional information.

PSAT Scores: 8th graders who took the Spring PSAT 8/9 can find their scores via the College Board portal. Please review this newsletter for more information. Please note: BHMS will NOT have access to student scores until the end of the summer. If your student is having trouble accessing their scores, please contact the College Board directly.

BH High School News for Current 8th Graders: If your 8th grader will be attending BH High School for 9th grade, please click HERE for information about sports try-outs, and other activities that may be of interest to them.

Testing Out of High School Classes: Please click HERE for time sensitive information on this topic.


Please remind your student to bring their water bottle and a spare mask to school every day. The drinking fountains are closed down due to COVID, but there are several water bottle refill stations throughout the building. Spare masks are helpful in case a mask becomes sweaty or uncomfortable, or is otherwise compromised during the school day.


INTERESTED IN NEXT YEAR’S PTO COMMITTEES? Connect with President Beth Kalusniak at or President-Elect Kendra Dronzkowski at

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Disability Awareness and Inclusion Initiatives at BHMS

After reading about the unfair and cruel treatment of the protagonist Charlie Gordon by peers in the class science fiction short story Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes, BHMS students Madeline Ryan and Amelia Kouyoumjian reached out to their 8th grade English Language Arts teacher, Alan Neuwirth, and the school counselor, Anthony Flevaris, expressing their concerns. What resulted was an incredible dialogue where BHMS Middle Years Programme coordinator Kathy Janelle volunteered to work with Neuwirth and the two students to find a way to increase disability awareness and encourage inclusive practices for all students at BHMS throughout the month of May.  

To do this, Ryan and Kouyoumjian researched people with disabilities who made a significant contribution to history, and spoke about them during daily announcements, while Janelle developed a school slideshow that played in the student lounge each day in school. You can view this educational slideshow here

Meanwhile, Neuwirth connected with Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein for an interview about the challenges he faced in school, and the importance of being kind to others. Justice Bernstein is an alumnus of Bloomfield Hills Schools. This video was shared with all BHMS 8th grade students, and made a powerful and positive impact. Students shared a wide variety of takeaways from the video viewing.  Parus Dhillon notes, “My main takeaway after watching the interview with Mr. Bernstein was to find your passion and follow through with it. It was inspiring listening to how he took his passion: helping disabled people, and how he helped his passion guide him through all the hardships in his life. He overcame bullies from high school, having to get into college, and when he became a lawyer having to memorize 25 cases a week, putting in many more hours than his non-disabled colleagues.” Jenna Roumayah shares, “My main takeaway after watching the interview was that Mr. Bernstein talked about including people. I think it's really important to include people. He said how you didn't need to be best friends with them, but it's always a good idea to be a nice person. He also discussed how people remember the nice people in high school and you should want to be known as a nice person too.” 

Jack Collins reflects, “My main takeaway from Mr. Bernstein is the fact that helping others, and being a kind person can impact many lives, especially in youthful times. Being popular, and being widely praised is not the most important thing, especially in middle and high school. Even if people are different, guiding them and being there for them can change their whole life. Mr. Bernstein also does a great job of showing and explaining that just because he is blind, he is not limited on the things that he has accomplished. He is a lawyer, had the possibility to become a Supreme Court Justice, as well as ran 24 marathons and an Iron Man. Even though he has challenges, he helps to enhance people's lives for the better and works hard to achieve what he aspires to attain in his lifetime.” And Grace Dehko notes, “honestly it inspired me to make one friend next year that is struggling.”

Thank you to the BHMS educators, administrators and students who facilitated the slideshow and video creation, in order to share powerful messages of inclusion, empathy, and understanding.

Learn More about Disability Awareness and Inclusion Initiatives at BHMS
Food Service - Summer Update

The Bloomfield Hills Schools food service department continues FREE curbside service throughout the summer (through September 2, 2021). All children (up to 18 years, or under 26 for adults with disabilities) are eligible to receive meals from BHS at this time. A family does not need to participate with the free or reduced meal program to receive meals. Adults may collect food for children without children present.

Mondays and Thursdays
12:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Bloomfield Hills High School

There will be no pickup available the week of July 5.

Meals will be provided for breakfast and lunch through our next service day. The meals served curbside are intended to be prepared at home, so although all items are pre-cooked, some simple cooking may be necessary to achieve the optimal taste and texture of the product. 

If you feel that you may qualify for Free or Reduced priced lunches, please make sure to fill out an application or update your existing status. There are many other benefits available if your child does qualify, beyond receiving reduced price or free meals in our schools.

Visit or call 248.341.5671 for more information.

Learn More about Food Service - Summer Update
Bond Update: Field Availability

Planning and construction surrounding the exciting bond work in Bloomfield Hills Schools is well underway. As our district continues with constructing incredible spaces for our community, we will need to close some of our athletic fields temporarily. 

  • The Lahser parking lot will have very limited accessibility beginning summer 2021. Lahser softball field will close 6/19/21 until Spring of 2023 and the baseball field will close in Fall 2021 for several months.

  • BHMS soccer field will close 6/19/21 until late Fall 2022 and the BHMS baseball field will close 6/19/21 until late Fall 2022.

We understand that this is an inconvenience for some of our community and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work toward creating improved spaces for our students and greater community.

Learn More about Bond Update: Field Availability
Mark Your Calendars for the District-Wide Welcome Back Celebration!

Mark your Calendars! 

The district-wide Welcome Back Celebration will be held August 27, from 4 to 7 p.m. at Bloomfield Hills High School (4200 Andover Road in Bloomfield Hills). 

All BHS families are invited to attend. There will be games for all ages, animals from Bowers Farm, raffles, prizes, food, and more! 

All families are encouraged to stay and watch the BHS football game against Berkley at 7 p.m.

A registration link, along with more information, will be sent to all families in August. You can also check back throughout the summer for information on our Welcome Back event page.

We are looking for event sponsors! If you own a business or know one that would like to sponsor our event, please let us know!  

Sponsored by the PTOC. Please contact the PTOC with any questions at

Learn More about Mark Your Calendars for the District-Wide Welcome Back Celebration!
Art From The Hills

Every spring, BHS art teachers organize the "Art From the Hills" K-12 District Art Show which showcases the artwork from our talented and hard-working students. Instead of a physical art display, this year's "Art From The Hills" is completely virtual! The district art show web gallery can be viewed here:

This was an extremely challenging year, but the hard work and dedication of students and art staff resulted in some beautiful art. Please enjoy their creations in this virtual art display. The BHS art teachers hope to return in0person for next year's district art show at the Bloomfield Township Public Library.

Learn More about Art From The Hills
Bond Update

Planning and construction surrounding the exciting bond work in Bloomfield Hills Schools is well underway! The strategic partners are French Associates, the architecture/engineering firm; Barton Malow, the construction manager; and Plante Moran Cresa, the owner’s representative. These entities have been working diligently with Bloomfield Hills Schools since the bond passed in August 2020. The guiding principles of the design around our new and renovated school buildings is to create a sense of belonging, team teaching, integration of support services, and access to common spaces. Instruction drives the construction of these new exciting spaces! A major milestone is the commencement of construction: the Groundbreaking Ceremonies! “North Hills Middle School” groundbreaking will be held at the site of former Lahser High School on Wednesday, May 26 at 5 p.m., and the “South Hills Middle School” groundbreaking will be held on Thursday, July 29, at 5 p.m., at Bloomfield Hills Middle School. The events will include comments from Board President Paul Kolin and Superintendent Pat Watson.

An important aspect of the bond process will be evaluating the catchment area for each school, to ensure that each of the four elementary schools, feeding into the two middle schools, are equitably sized. Every family that currently resides within Bloomfield Hills Schools boundaries will remain in our schools; the internal boundaries of the school catchment areas may change.  A community Catchment Area Task Force had its first meeting on Monday, May 10 to begin the study of catchment areas, and to develop maps, models, and scenarios. This group of involved parents, community members, school administrators, and staff will present their findings and recommendations to the Board of Education by the fall of 2021. The goal of this task force is to create equity of programming and enrollment across all four elementary schools and the two middle schools. Catchment area decisions will be made in fall 2021, and the implementation of new catchment areas will take place in fall 2023, when students inhabit their new school spaces.

Presentations on the elementary schools’ current enrollments and enrollment projections have been shared with the Board of Education, and with all schools’ Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTO) meetings, by Educational Consultant Rob Durecka and Plante Moran Cresa (PMC) representative Paul Wills. Durecka is the former Principal of West Hills Middle School and Andover High School - where Bloomfield Hills High School is now located. As the Educational Consultant, Durecka will guide the bond work from the lens of educational programming. Wills is a Partner at PMC who leads the K-12 practice, and provides BHS with project parameters, budget and schedule guidance, and assistance with the selection of design and construction team members. Durecka and Wills are also invested members of our BHS community as current parents of Bloomfield Hills Schools students. Their collaboration has been and will continue to be key to the success of the bond’s implementation.

Visit our Bond Dashboard for all the newest updates and presentations!

Learn More about Bond Update
2021 Summer Camps

Bloomfield Hills Schools has Summer Camp opportunities for all ages, all abilities, and all interests! New this year, families have the option to select individual days, an entire week, and an option to pay for the entire summer. Camps include:

Questions about Bowers Farm and Nature Center camps can be directed to

Questions about all other BHS camps can be directed to

Learn More about 2021 Summer Camps
Mask Reminders

As a reminder, please be sure your child’s mask follows the Bloomfield Hills Schools mask guidelines. Face masks can be either reusable or disposable. They should fit tightly over your entire nose and mouth. Masks must have school-appropriate graphics. Masks should NOT have valves. Masks with valves are not permitted in Bloomfield Hills Schools. Students and staff are welcome to wear face shields brought from home, but they are not required. They may be worn in addition to a face mask. Neck gaiters and bandannas are not sufficient face coverings. They may be worn in addition to a face mask. Neck gaiters must have school-appropriate graphics.

Learn More about Mask Reminders