Teachers' Video Tributes to Students

You already know what an incredible teaching staff we have at BHMS. They've guided the students through what may be the most unusual school year on record. On this last day of school, the teachers had a few parting thoughts to share with their students. These farewell videos were shared with students through their e-mails. Please take a look at the messages of fun, caring and encouragement.

Our teaching staff, para-professionals, counselors, office staff and adminisration wish all of our BHMS families a safe, happy and fun summer!

5th grade

6th grade

7th grade

8th grade

Unified Arts (Electives) Staff

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Digital Yearbook Signing Saves the Day

Students can sign each other's yearbooks digitally by following the steps below. Even students who did not order a yearbook can still create a digital page to get their friends' signatures. After signatures and messages have been collected, a student can print out the pages and add them to their actual yearbook! 

Students are encouraged to work with a parent/guardian to set up digital yearbook signing using these easy steps.

  1. Go to the site:

  2. Set up an account with name, school, end date, e-mail and password.

  3. Choose a color scheme for the title page.

  4. Jostens will send a personal link that a student then sends to friends, so that they can digitally sign their yearbook. 

  5. Signers find some space, pick fonts, colors and stickers, write their message and then post.

  6. Students can print out the pages to keep with their actual yearbook. They can also delete any post if desired.
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Changing How You Receive Notifications

Are you receiving texts but would rather receive e-mails? Receiving phone calls but would rather receive texts? Receiving e-mails, texts and phone calls? Changes to your settings can be made directly through your Parent Portal and through the Student Portal. Instructions on how to make those changes can be found on the District website link below. 

When you open the link below, scroll down to the "Q Communications" section. We suggest that you first read the subsection entitled "What Do the Notification Types Mean and When are Notifications Sent?" This will be of great help to you in determining your notification settings. Not all notification types will apply during this period of at-home learning, but you can still set them now so they'll be ready upon return to school.

Once you understand the various types of notifications, choose the appropriate subsection that provides instructions for "Modifying Your Contact Preferences". This is where you or your student can choose the method of communication that you wish to receive. 

You'll find this information, as well as information about updating other Parent or Student Portal settings in Q Communications, by clicking here. Remember to scroll down to "Q Communications".

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Meals for Kids Continues This Summer

One pick-up location: Bloomfield Hills High School

Starting July 6 the pick up days will change to every Monday & Thursday
10 a.m. until noon

Please note, there will not be meals available on July 1 nor July 3 (for the holiday break).



All children (up to 18 years, or under 26 for adults with disabilities) are eligible to receive meals from BHS during the national emergency. A family does not need to participate with the free or reduced meal program to receive meals at this time. Adults may collect food for children without children present.

Children do NOT have to be enrolled in Bloomfield Hills Schools and we encourage all community families to take advantage of this program.

If you have questions, text them to 248.230.2879 or email We are here to help!

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