Learning Design

  • Students will have the opportunity to develop strong relationships and a sense of belonging with dedicated teachers and a consistent cohort of students.

  • Students in the elementary grades (K-5) will need adult or older sibling support for initial virtual navigation and continual time management support.

  • Engaging literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies lessons connected with BHS curriculum.

  • Students will have opportunities in special academic areas such as art, music, physical education, and Spanish.

  • Bloomfield Virtual also offers meaningful experiential learning opportunities connected to the farm and nature center both in-person and virtual.

  • Opportunities for purposeful play and inquiry approaches to learning will be utilized with appropriate grade level developmental skills reinforced (i.e. social, self-management, fine motor skills, etc.)

  • All courses will utilize Google Classroom for ease of use. 

  • Daily schedule will mirror the in-person grade level schedule.

  • Bloomfield virtual teachers receive professional development in the best practices for delivering content in a virtual classroom setting.

  • All students with a disability who enroll in BHS Blueprint will receive program, services and accommodations according to their individual IEP or 504 plan, understanding that some IEPs and 504s may need to be adjusted based on individual needs.

Google Classroom

All courses will utilize Google Classroom for ease of use.

Sample Schedules

Benefits of Virtual Learning

Learning Centered

Each student's strengths, needs, and interests are assets in fostering a passion for intellectual pursuit and teachers serve as mentors to facilitate learning that is meaningful.

Sense of Belonging

Relationships are critical both in the classroom and in the community. Students create authentic work that is meaningful to the community beyond school. Students can engage in real-world action through personal experience.

Place-Based Learning

Bloomfield Hills Schools will utilize the Bowers School Farm and Johnson Nature Center for learning expeditions when appropriate and permissible.  Students enrolled in the virtual school will have the opportunity to enhance their learning through designed experiences similar to their in-person peers at these district gems.

Portrait of a Learner

The dispositions and skills described in the BHS Portrait of a Learner are always important and should influence the design and experiences across all learning models and grade levels.