Bloomin' Fox Hills Opportunities

  • PTO: The PTO at Fox Hills was established in 1986. The PTO exists to enhance your child's educational experience. All parents are encouraged to join and support, attend meetings and participate in our organization.
  • Visible Thinking: Visible Thinking, a teaching framework from Harvard University, provides students with a culture of thinking that fosters creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. At the core of Visible Thinking are thinking routines that provide students with strategies that extend and deepen student thinking and understanding.
  • Library: We have a stand alone library with over 900 children's books. The children visit our library once a week where they have an opportunity to check out a book and visit with our school librarian for a story. Additionally, there are listening centers and computers available for the children's use.
  • Science Center: Our Science Center teacher works closely with our preschool staff to integrate activities that relate to the studies the children are exploring in their classrooms. Additionally, we have 22 animals in our science center for children to interact with and observe. During our holiday and summer breaks children have opportunities to bring home our animals home for extended sleepovers. All programs visit our Science Center daily.
  • Gross Motor Classroom: We are fortunate to have an entire open space designated as our Gross Motor Classroom. This area is complete with a bike track, climbing equipment, hop scotch, foursquare and physical education equipment. All programs visit our Gross Motor Classroom daily.
  • Gym: In addition to our Gross Motor Classroom we have a school gym. The classrooms visit the gym once per week in place of their Gross Motor time. The gym is equipped with soft indoor climbing equipment, preschool hockey, lacrosse, badminton and basketball equipment and mini roller coasters. Our gym teacher manages the activities offered during gym time to vary the choices throughout the year.
  • Preschool Playgrounds: Our infant/toddler playground is enclosed with age-appropriate equipment for our youngest children. We also have a large preschool playground with age-appropriate play structures, including adaptive swings for our children with special needs.
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Infant Program (Ages 6 weeks - 18 months)

Bloomin' Preschool Infant Program incorporates physical, intellectual and social activities on a daily basis, tailored to each baby's personal needs. As children reach developmental milestones, their needs are re-evaluated and fresh activities are incorporated into daily routines to stimulate their growing curiosity.
  • 6:30a - 6:00p
  • Open year round
  • 1:4 teacher to infant ratio
  • Maximum of 12 infants/room
  • Daily behavior journals for families, which include:
    • food intake
    • sleeping and elimination patterns
    • developmental milestones
  • Nurturing attention and interaction
  • Individual crib assignments
  • Personalized care, meal and nap times
  • Daily sanitation of toys, cribs and play spaces
  • Focus on social-emotional development through group play
  • Gross motor activities
  • Language development activities
  • Weekly visits from school librarian
  • Daily outdoor play

Toddler Program (Ages 18 months - 2.5 years)

Toddlers follow a daily schedule that involves a developmentally-appropriate balance of both child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. Teachers design a safe, nurturing environment that promotes social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language growth in our young learners. Children learn through indoor and outdoor play and exploration, books and stories, music and movement, dramatic play, art and sensory experiences.
  • 6:30a - 6:00p
  • Open year round
  • 1:4 teacher to toddler ratio
  • Maximum of 12 toddlers/room
  • Language and literacy development
  • Basic math skills, including matching, sorting, counting and categorizing
  • Creative and fine arts exploration
  • Social-emotional development through group time that includes songs, games and stories
  • Self-expression and identity building through dramatic play opportunities
  • Gross motor play
  • Weekly library visits
  • Hands-on Science Center
  • Daily outdoor play

Preschool Program (Ages 2.5 - 6 years)

As you enter our preschool classrooms you will notice the classroom's physical space is divided into interest areas. The interest areas are Art, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Discovery, Sand and Water, Toys and Games, Music and Movement, Library, Technology and Cooking. The interest areas contain open ended activities for the children to explore. These activities will support our six content areas which include science, social studies, literacy, math, the arts and technology. The skills your children will develop while participating in the interest areas are directly tied to the Michigan Early Childhood Standards.

Creative curriculum is a proven research based curriculum. This is a developmentally appropriate practice that matches the way children learn and develop. The teacher is the classroom facilitator. As the classroom facilitator the teacher guides, observes, and accesses your child's learning. We use the Creative Curriculum Study Starters to develop our lessons. Study Starters are models to help implement and investigate project based learning. Studies are one of the most effective ways for children to learn science and social studies content while developing skills in literacy, math, the arts, and technology. The children become totally engaged in topics and activities that interest them while challenging them to extend thinking to higher levels. Our IB and Visible Thinking initiatives support this creative curriculum approach.

The parent's role is essential in supporting their child's learning. Within the creative curriculum approach, there are many opportunities to involve families.

Child Care

Bloomin’ Preschools Child Care program operates as a stand alone program or as a compliment to our preschool program. Highly qualified teachers work with the preschool staff in planning the daily curriculum. The Child Care program provides enriching and education experiences using our preschool curriculum and Visible Thinking approach to learning.

  • 6:30a – 6:00p
  • Flexible enrollment with a minimum of 2 hours per day
  • 1:8 teacher student ratio 2-3 year olds
  • 1:12 teacher student ratio 4-5 year olds
  • Stand alone or compliment preschool program
  • Weekly library and computer lab visits
  • Daily physical education
  • Daily outdoor play
  • Daily visits to hands-on Science Center

Additional Offerings (Ages 3 - 6years)

Building Highlights:

Bloomin' Preschool offers special programs as enrichment opportunities. These classes are designed to compliment morning half-day programs.

  • Lunchin' Kids: Monday or Wednesday or Friday from 12:00p – 2:00p. Enjoy an extended day with time for lunch, large group & hands-on activities, and gross motor play.

Fox Hills Tuition Rates

Fox Hills Tuition Rates 2018 - 19

Annual Registration Fee: $75, due at the time of registration

Preschool Program (prices listed are per installment):
Program runs in two semesters (Sept to mid-Jan and late-Jan to June).
Installment option is available: 10 installments per school year!
Must be 2.5, 3 or 4-years-old by September 1st.

Just Twos Tuesday/Thursday
(9:00a - 12:00p)
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday (9:00a - 12:00p) $212
(9:00a - 12:00p)
(9:00a - 3:00p)
Just Threes Tuesday/Thursday
(9:00a - 12:00p)
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday (9:00a - 12:00p) $212
(9:00a - 12:00p)
(9:00a - 3:00p)
Just Fours Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday (9:00a - 12:00p) $212
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday
(9:00a - 3 :00p)
(9:00a - 12:00p)

(9:00a - 3:00p)

Lunchin' KidsMonday, Wednesday OR Friday (12:00p-2:00p)$55
Child CareMonday-Friday

Minimum 2 hours per day

8 hours or less

more than 8 hours

Infant/Toddler Care (prices listed are per week):
6 weeks - 2.5 years old

Available 6:30a - 6:00p*
*Rates are based on a maximum of 9.5 hours/day. Any scheduled day above that will be charged $5.00 additional each day.

Five daysMonday - Friday$290

Summer Program with Tuition Rates (6 weeks - 6 years)

Summer Infant & Toddler Care
6 weeks to 2.5 years

Care is available throughout the summer.

Part time option and Full time two and three day options are available SUMMER ONLY!

Part-Time*Tuesday/Thursday (9:00am - 1:00pm)$80
*Monday/Wednesday/Friday (9:00am - 1:00pm)$120
*Monday - Friday (9:00am - 1:00pm)$190
Full-Time***Tuesday/Thursday (7:00am - 6:00pm)$140
*Monday/Wednesday/Friday (7:00am - 6:00pm)$195
Monday - Friday (7:00am - 6:00pm)$290


**Rates are based on a maximum of 9.5 hours per day. Any scheduled day above that will be charged $5.00 additional each day.


Summer Child Care
Ages 2½ to 6 years

The Child Care program is a structured play based program, providing experiences in play, story, arts and crafts, drama, fine and gross motor activities, designed around studies. Our summer program will have outdoor water play. Children must be potty trained (must come in underwear, no diapers).

  • Available throughout the summer
  • Minimum of 4 hours/day
  • Minimum of 2 days/week
  • Minimum four consecutive weeks
  • One start date and one end date only
  • No schedule changes allowed
  • 2 year, 3 year and 4+ year classrooms (age as of last Sept.1)
    • Minimum 7 students needed to run each classroom


7:00am - 6:00pm


8 hours or less/day


over 8 hours/day

Check out our 2018 Summer Options!

District News:

Academic Preparation Tips for Kindergarten

"What's your name?" It's important that your child knows their first and last name. It's even better if they know how to write it! For tips on how to help your child learn their name, visit

Questions? Join us for our Kindergarten Info Session on Monday, February 11, 2019, from 7 - 8 p.m. in Bloomfield Hills High School Auditorium. You can also text KDG to 248.230.2879 and our Kindergarten experts will respond!

Read more about Academic Preparation Tips for Kindergarten
New Update for School Lunch Program

As of January 25th, Bloomfield Hills Schools will use Community Pass only for all lunch program payments.  When logging into My Bloomfield and signing in to view a specific student, lunch balances and a transaction history will still be available.  However, payments will only be accepted through Community Pass.  

We understand that a lot of parents have appreciated the ability to make payments online, view transactions, and see account balances.  All of this will still be possible - the only change is that payments will no longer be accepted in the same location as you find balance information.  This is due to a rising cost environment in credit card processing fees that the district has historically not asked families to incur, but has rather paid on families' behalf.  The switch to 100% payment processing through Community Pass will allow us to retain the functionality of online payments, yet save money from the district's general fund.

This transition should be fairly seamless, but we recognize you may have some questions.  Please allow five minutes after processing a payment to contact us with any questions so we can digitally see the transaction on our end and better support your request.  In addition, please note that you may process payments for multiple items in the same shopping cart within Community Pass.  So, if you'd like to purchase lunch credits at West Hills along with Saturday swim lessons, please feel free to complete one checkout process for the entire family.

If you haven't already, please make sure you have your login information for Community Pass. If you have forgotten your login or password, please go to to view instructions on how to retrieve that information.  Instructions will be sent directly to the email that is listed as the primary email for your student's account. If you have issues with this process, please contact the Recreation Department at 248.341.6425.

Read more about New Update for School Lunch Program


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