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After reading “Balloons Over Broadway” by author Melissa Sweet, Way Elementary third-grade students designed robot floats for their own Thanksgiving parade. According to Media Center Specialist Cindy Zervos, the students first discussed how Tony Sarg designed floats and balloons for the initial Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades. Then, the students held discussions on how Sarg anticipated possible problems and reviewed how improvements were made year after year.  “Students were given time to design, create, test, and change a float that could be transported down our own parade route on an Ozobot,” said Zervos. “The Ozobots were color-coded to move, zigzag, and spin down the route.” Students shrieked in delight as their robotic creations came to life and moved along the parade route.

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Alexandra Osten (Andover 2011) was named on the 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 List for managing more than $5 billion in annual advertising revenue at Sprinklr. Osten, currently living in New York City, also runs a trucking business in Detroit and raises awareness about pancreatic cancer. Read on to discover how Bloomfield Hills Schools provided opportunities for exploration and growth that led to where Osten is now!

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The Bloomfield Hills High School Performing Arts department is excited to present Newsies, Disney’s musical that was a 1992 film and a Tony-award winning Broadway production from 2012 - 2014. The show is set in 1899 in New York City, and presents a fictionalized version of the newsboys strike. The characters provide inspiration to cast, crew, and audience members alike. Nicky Little (grade 12) who plays Jack Kelly, shares, “The characters' persistence is incredibly inspiring. In spite of all their hardships, they continue to fight for what they want even though the odds are stacked against them. This message of persistence is incredibly relevant because life can be challenging. Even today, kids are protesting for what is right, and although the problems are different, the drive is the same.” 

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Outstanding Educator

Kenneth Cameron, a teacher at Bloomfield Hills High School, was recently selected for the University of Chicago’s Outstanding Educator Award. Cameron was nominated by former BHS student Ryanne Leonard (BHHS 2022) and was selected from thousands of submissions. The award recognizes excellent educators who make a positive impact every day and whose guidance has helped the nominating student along the path toward intellectual growth.

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West Hills students in 6th grade put their skills, knowledge, and creativity to the test by making and then playing board games in math class. From games resembling Jenga, Battleship, Sorry, and Candy Land, to totally original creations, the students embraced the challenge of embedding math concepts into their game designs. Student Nil Hellin notes, “In the process of making the game, we made some mistakes. And when we fixed it, we made a very fun game. You can’t make a game without making some mistakes!” 

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Recently, students in grade 9 read The Catcher in the Rye, and attended a field experience along the trails at the JNC. Along the way, JNC guides discussed the book with the students and provided journal prompts about the concept of change, as well as the exploratory theme in literature called “the Hero’s Journey,” in which students think about where the protagonist is born, where they are from, and where they are going. 

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Wing Lake students were treated to a fabulous Open House event at their school featuring fun and food. Staff went all out to create spooky scenes and engaging games for the costumed students and their families. The event is normally held outside, but, due to weather conditions, the activities were held in the gym and hallways at the Wing Lake Developmental Center. 

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Bowers Academy is located on Bowers School Farm in Bloomfield Hills, where students and staff have the unique opportunity to engage in rigorous experiential learning in an innovative setting. 

With a focus on social-emotional health and community involvement, Bowers Academy supports learners who seek a nontraditional environment as they earn their Bloomfield Hills High School Diploma.

As a school community, we commit to the following guiding viewpoints:

  • We believe that high quality academic instruction is essential for the growth and development of all learners.  At Bowers, we learn collaboratively utilizing a responsive, flexible, and experiential curriculum. 

  • We believe that relationships are at the core of a healthy school community.  At Bowers, we focus on restorative approaches to behavior and support recognizing that all people bring unique circumstances and strengths with them.  

  • We believe that social emotional learning is critically important for the long term success of all students.  At the center of the Bowers experience is a research-based social-emotional curriculum.  Social emotional supports and community building are emphasized in each facet of the learning experience.

  • We believe in the power of place.  At Bowers, we emphasize connection to place and engage in experiential learning that includes exploration of farm, community, and self.

  • We believe that our students can best realize their strengths, interests, and independence when they are immersed in experiential learning both on and off campus.  At Bowers we work to develop strong partnerships to provide students with a variety of experiences to prepare them for their future. 

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