Bowers Academy Curriculum is...


Bowers Academy provides individual attention, supervision, and potential mentoring experiences. Personalized attention allows the faculty to assist students in following their own developmental path, balancing the needs to challenge students without overwhelming them.


Students can enroll in Bowers Academy from one semester to three years, selecting from engaging, innovative class offerings. We emphasize hands-on learning and provide a customized education that engages students in productive classroom work.

Core Beliefs

  • Relationships are primary, particularly in this setting. Staff are sensitive to power struggles that impede the formation of positive relationships.
  • Student choice facilitates engagement and offers a sense of power to students.
  • All students learn at different rates. Bowers Academy offers an alternative setting to structure the delivery of curriculum around this concept.
  • The delivery of our curriculum must offer a significant departure from what students have already experienced and failed.
  • Bowers Academy strives to create a safe environment for students to make choices and establish independence.
  • A low student to teacher ratio is maintained.