Charles L. Bowers School Farm
1219 East Square Lake Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

For scheduling of programs, private rentals, events, and general questions please call:

(248) 341.6475 or complete this request form.
between 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


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Bowers School Farm has been housed on 90 acres within Bloomfield Hills since the 1960's.  Animals such as  sheep, horses, and a llama graze the pastures. Bowers Farm is also home to poultry of all types, rabbits and goats. Every animal has a purpose at the farm and farm equipment is used daily to maintain the property for educational  purposes as well as agriculture production. Bowers Farm is open daily (by appointment only) and year-round for various educational programs and community events!




Preschool Learning Expeditions are an excellent way to get out of the classroom and into nature!


Learning Expeditions are geared for the curious mind.


Working together makes us better at what we do


Experienced horse enthusiasts are invited to help support, enjoy and share the horses at Bowers School Farm.


Many hands make light work - especially on a farm!


Join us for the summer and spend one week or the whole summer outside, enjoying fresh air and animal fun!


All year long, the farm offers community events and opportunities for members of the community to get involved.


Dreaming of a farm wedding?  Planning your next corporate retreat or team-building event?  Give us a call!

Farm News

Locally Grown, Exceptional Quality: Student Raised Broiler Chicken

It’s that time of year again, if you are interested in purchasing locally grown chicken from our program, send us an email or call the main office at 248-341-6475. They will be available for pick-up November 16th and 17th. They are sold on a first come, first serve and $4.50 a pound. The proceeds go towards funding educational field trips. 

Every year, as a part of their inquiry focused and work-based learning, the agricultural science students at Bowers School Farm raise broilers (meat chickens). The students are entirely responsible for their care, learning everything from their needs at every stage of growth, to the correct environmental conditions, nutrition, handling, and final processing methods by transporting their birds to a USDA inspected facility. The whole project is a Career Development Event (CDE) that the students compete in with other agriculture students across the state. This project offers the opportunity to engage students in their food system and understand how their food is raised.

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Eagle Scout Project - Thank You, Joey Dorsch and Your Troop!

Recently, as part of Joey Dorsch's Eagle Scout Project, we had a scout troop design and install an outdoor message board for the Community Gardeners.  This is a much appreciated communication tool for the farm. The same troop also helped to clear a portion of the fence line surrounding the woodlot which is going to greatly help us in keeping our animals safe and secure. We are so thrilled to have wonderful volunteer groups like this!  If you are interested in volunteering your time here on the farm to help improve our farm grounds, please contact Jordan Hewitt at 248.210.9546.

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Master Gardener Brunch

Here at Bowers Farm, we are fortunate to partner with the Master Gardeners Society of Oakland County, an MSU Extension.  Our grounds are maintained and made beautiful by volunteer members who share their love and knowledge of gardening with everyone here on staff and in our community.  We are so grateful for their contributions to help keep Bowers vibrant and fragrant all year long. 


In an effort to acknowledge their hard work, brunch was served on October 20th here at the farm to celebrate the amazing volunteerism efforts of the Master Gardeners. What a great group! Thank you to the Friends of Preservation Bloomfield, Laurie Simonelli and Kathleen Blust for a wonderful event. 


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