Charles L. Bowers School Farm
1219 East Square Lake Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

For scheduling of programs, private rentals, events, and general questions please call:

(248) 341.6475 or complete this request form.
between 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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Tours are available, we'd love to host you

Logo Field Trips


Farmer For A Day (K-2)

The Farmer for a Day program encompasses a variety of farm activities and chores. Students will discover the basics of everyday farming, from planting and harvesting, to grooming and servicing our livestock. Farmer For A Day is a great trip for first time visitors, it opens the doors to more advanced curriculum and develops confidence about working with farm animals. 

Pocket Full of History (2-4)

The Pocket Full of History program showcases two historic properties, The Craig Log Cabin and The Barton Farmhouse. Both properties have been restored by Preservation Bloomfield and are designed to reflect the history during the times they were originally built, early to mid 1800’s. Pocket Full of History is a fantastic program that truly brings local and state history alive! 

Animal Bodies & Behaviors (4-6)

The Animal Bodies & Behaviors program dives deep into anatomical and behavioral analysis of our farm animals. Students engage in scientific processes that allow them to raise questions and formulate answers about how and why animal bodies function the way they do. This program is a great way to connect students with the similarities and differences between human bodies and animal bodies.   

Elementary Farm Visits


Middle School Farm Visits


Traveling Farms and Assemblies

If you're unable to visit us at the farm, we'll be happy to bring our animals to you! We provide this service for an educational setting only, such as schools and libraries. 

Single Animal Visit

Choose the animal, the time, and the place that you would like us to visit and we will do the rest! Some popular animal visits include a turkey around Thanksgiving and baby goats or lambs in the springtime. Our staff will present a hands-on educational experience for you and your group. Given the experiential nature of this program, it is best for a group of 20 or less. If you have more than 20 people, we suggest that you divide into groups in order to receive the full benefit of the program.

Duration: as long as you need us
Cost: $50 set-up fee, plus $25 for each ½ hour session

Mobile Farm Animal Presentations 

We'd be happy to bring a complete farm to you! The animals included in our traveling farm are a pony, a milking goat, two baby goats, a lamb, a rabbit and various poultry. We will tailor the educational experience to fit your needs. Information about each animal will be given, as well as interactive, educational demonstrations and activities.

Duration: as long as you need us
Cost: $300 for the first hour; $100 for each additional hour.