Bloomfield Winter Park! Weekends January 18 - February 9 at Bowers School Farm


WINTER PARK WILL BE OPEN ON SUNDAY & MONDAY (1/19-20).  No ice skating yet.  We will update the website regarding the remainder of the weekend when determined. Please check the website.

Bloomfield's Bold Sledding Adventure

Students! Build a sled for a Bloomfield Hills Schools staff member to race down the Bowers School Farm hill!

Story Time with Bloomfield Township Police, Fire, and Library

Meet Sparky and hear a story from the Bloomfield Township Police & Fire!  Sunday, January 26 @ 2p for crafts with Bloomfield Twp Library with readings following at 245p along with a visit from the Police and Fire.

Safety & Other Information

Safety is important - learn more about our rules on and off the hill.

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More Farm Fun

There's so much to do at Bowers School Farm. Come visit us!

Farm News

Spring Break Camp Registration Open NOW!

BLOOM-CHICKA-BOWERS-CHICKA-BOWERS-CHICKA-BLOOM! Join us in April to experience the springtime craze on the farm! With a new theme every day, campers will explore plants and animals, weather, pollination, and food systems through STEAM experiences. We will also examine and reflect upon the relationships between these components throughout the week. Each day will include daily chores, garden time, and plenty of fun activities.

Camp is offered to children ages 6-10.  The cost is $375 for the week. Registration is available now!


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Bowers Academy Highlights - New Things Are Happening!

Bowers Academy is in its twentieth year of operation! Staff, past and present, recently welcomed alumni and encouraged reflective dialogue through the sharing of success stories at the annual alumni brunch.  At its inception, relationships were the cornerstone of learning; twenty years later, community and engagement continue to frame the mission and vision. 

Throughout the holiday season, Bowers Academy students continued to grow their partnerships and utilize resources in order to create seasonal items at the farm.  Earlier this fall, students made applesauce and apple chips; the joy and excitement students exuded while participating in this activity was heartwarming.  In November, students returned to the kitchen to use up the last of the pumpkin patch in order to create individual pies to take home for Thanksgiving.  Students enjoyed the entire process as they created a homemade treat together as a team.  Highlights were cutting up the pumpkin and rolling out the dough.  

"Gathering over a meal is one of the most ancient forms of community process, as people sharing food appreciate each other at a profound level.  Nourished bodies and relationships pave the way for better collaboration and higher quality work."  We will continue to capitalize on the opportunity to nourish our minds and bodies as we continue to explore the resources in this space. 

Most recently, Academy students were engaged as Jessica Lynn, instructor of AFNR/CTE courses at Bowers, supported the students as they created winter evergreen arrangements.  This fundraiser fostered student engagement and creativity as students learned about balance, unity, harmony, rhythm, contrast, and emphasis in flora. . . not to mention the great smells that accompany working with all that greenery!

There have been many new and exciting initiatives at Bowers Academy since the start of this school year.  Currently, Academy students are collaborating with the farm to create a student driven school store.  In the past months, the students divided into planning committees and led two official business meetings (one with Mr. Alan Jaros, and the other with Mr. Russell McCall from the P.R.E.P Program).  They also worked together to create the first iteration of a business plan that will guide their work moving forward.  The collaboration with the farm and P.R.E.P programs demonstrate the Academy's desire to continue to build community as they serve utilizing resources in their community.  Next steps include designing a sales desk and teaming with P.R.E.P to build their vision from the ground up.  Academy students have been spending time in the farm lobby, envisioning their dream store and sketching their ideas.  They then shared those ideas with Mr. McCall, who will draw up a final plan and present it to the Academy students for review, before they start building together.  Ultimately. the goal is to see Bowers Farm products at the P.R.E.P store and P.R.E.P products at the Bowers Farm Store, with students partnering together as they learn.


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Bowers School Farm Camp Llama

Registration for this year's summer camp opens January 25th on Community Pass. Mark your calendars now for some amazing adventures, new friends, and farm exploration.  Campers from preschool (potty trained) to 14 years old can come and enjoy all we have to offer, with interactive learning and growing during the best months of the year.  We offer a full day camp experience for kids ages 6+ and four hour 1/2 days for preschoolers.  Each week offers a different theme for children to experience, with everything from veterinary science to survival skills.  Each day is a new opportunity. . . come spend some of your summer with us!  

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Saturdays (from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.) and Sundays (from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.) from  January 18, 2020 - February 9, 2020.  Free to attend. Donation appreciated! Location: Bowers School Farm Activity Building (1219 East Square Lake Road). Contact,  or 248.341.6481


Winter Park Highlights: Skating, Sledding, and Indoor Activities