Bloomfield's Bold Sledding Adventure


Bloomfield's Bold Sledding Adventure

Sunday, February 9, 2020
2:00 PM
Bowers School Farm

Students! Design and build a sled capable of carrying a Bloomfield Hills Schools staff member down the Bowers School Farm sledding hill!


  • Sleds must be made primarily of cardboard
  • Other materials may be used, but must be safe for both rider and spectators
  • Your sled must pass inspection prior to the race
  • Sleds must be free of sharp materials - no staples, nails, or screws may be used
  • Sleds must be designed and built by Bloomfield Hills Schools students (age-appropriate adult support allowed)
  • All riders must be current Bloomfield Hills Schools employees
  • You must be able to stop your sled and will be asked to articulate how you plan to do so during inspection
  • Inspectors may ask teams to remove materials that are not deemed safe prior to the race
  • Riders MUST wear protective headgear (bicycle helmet or ski helmet) and these will be inspected prior to the race as well
  • To qualify as a finisher, the rider must be on the sled when it crosses the finish line


  • One grand prize will be awarded (it's a surprise!)
  • Each heat will consist of three sleds and riders - each sled will be timed and the fastest three sleds will go head-to-head in the last heat to determine the ultimate sledding champion
  • One prize will be awarded for "most creative"
  • One prize will be awarded for "best team spirit"
Before you begin the form, please have handy the following information: Your name & contact information Your team's name (get creative!) The name, job title, building location, and contact information of your adult rider Names, grades, buildings of all team sled builders  Also, please note that while anyone can fill out this form, only Bloomfield Hills Schools staff members can serve as sled riders and only Bloomfield Hills Schools students can build the sleds (with age-appropriate assistance, of course).


The Challengers

Rebecca Anders from Wing Lake Developmental Center


Joel Hohnke from Conant, and Mark White & Mike Cowdrey from athletics and recreation
Andy Gignac from West Hills & Brian Goby from Physical Plant


Mary Hillberry from Lone Pine



Nick Russo from Conant

Nick Russo Sledding


The Sledding Adventure Begins! Free to participate. Students! Build a sled for a Bloomfield Hills Schools staff member to race down the Bowers School Farm hill!  Sleds must pass inspection to participate and should be made mostly of cardboard with additional materials that will not pose a safety risk to riders or spectators.  Get creative with your sled - it can be in whatever theme you want! Adults may help, but the sleds should be primarily designed and built by Bloomfield Hills Schools students.  Fill out the entry form on this page, read the full rules, and then grab your friends and tools to build the most epic sled Bloomfield has ever seen!