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About Bowers Farm

Charles L. Bowers School Farm was purchased in the mid-1960's by Bloomfield Hills Schools to be used as a land laboratory. We are housed on 90 acres within Bloomfield Hills.

Animals such as sheep, horses, llama and a donkey graze the pastures. We also house poultry of all types, rabbits and goats. Every animal has a purpose here at the farm and farm equipment is used daily to maintain the property as an educational agriculture production enterprise.

Charles L. Bowers Farm is open daily and year-round for various educational programs and community events.

MSU Partnership

Bowers School Farm is a proud partner of Michigan State University Extension. The latest research-based curriculum and experiential methodology inform the instructional design of our hands-on school and community programs.
Focusing on the process of science, educators from MSU enhance the unique learning experiences, activities and hands-on workshops at the farm. These experiences give students the opportunity to understand the interconnectedness between science, food, and our natural world.

Want to Visit Bowers Farm?

The farm offers educational field trips for schools interested in enhancing the classroom learning experience through authentic, place-based learning. Community organizations such as scouts, neighborhood associations, family and church groups can also sign-up to participate. Program topics include Plant Science, Animal Behavior, Sustainability, Harvesting, Conservation and Genetics to name a few. Programs with specific topics run at different times of the school year, range in duration and price and target different ages/groups.

If you prefer a more casual visit to Bowers Farm, we invite you to take a one-hour guided tour! Tours are scheduled in advance to allow for customized experiences for individuals and groups of virtually any size. Our Farm tour & wagon ride is an hour long and we ask for a minimum of 5 people. The cost is $8/person. We can still provide a tour & wagon ride for groups of less than 5, however the cost will then be a flat-fee of $40. If you'd like to schedule an educational program or a one-hour tour, please complete the online form here or call us at 248.341.6475.

Community Events

Every year we host a fun-filled "Spring Fling & Pancake Breakfast" and a "Fall Festival" community event! Please click on the links located at the top left corner that say "Spring Fling" and "Fall Festival" for additional information.

Other Farm Happenings

We are happy to provide the following programs:

  • A 79-plot Community Garden for those interested in renting a garden plot
  • A horse leasing program for those who have a love for horses and riding
  • A seasonal farm stand that is stocked with fresh veggies and eggs from our gardens and hens at Bowers Farm!
  • Room and Area Rentals - we are also pleased to rent areas of our facility to those looking to host a birthday party, wedding or baby shower and even have their wedding take place in our lovely gardens maintained by the MSU Master Gardeners!

Please click on the link located at the top left corner that says "Farm Programs & Events" of this page for additional information or feel free to call (248) 341-6475.

Vet-Science Camp


Bowers School Farm will be running a Veterinary Science Camp for ages 14-16 from July 30th through August 3rd 2018!!!!

You must fill out an application, which is due June 29th, 2018. Space is limited to 12 campers in order to make the experience as immersive and hands on as possible.

This Camp is a Monday - Friday program, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Youth will explore career fields relating to animal and veterinary medicine as well as participate in numerous hands-on learning activities. Participants will gain animal handling experience, learn how to use certain veterinary tools & technology, practice physical exams, and have the opportunity to visit a local veterinary hospital to see how a clinic works!

You can find the PDF application here


Download the application, complete and scan, mail, or deliver to the farm by June 29.

     Email completed applications to AND

     Mail or delivery completed applications to:
     ATTN Jessica Lynn
     1219 E. Square Lake Rd
     Bloomfield Hills, MI, 48304


If you have any questions, please contact the farm at (248) 341-6476 or email 


Thank you!

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Hay! It's time for the horses!

Spring and summer are everyone's favorite time to ride. The Bowers School Farm equine herd has received much tlc, training, and conditioning from our staff members and volunteers over the course of the spring in preparation for our equestrian programs. One such program which successfully concluded on Thursday, May 24th was the Agri-Science class Horse unit. Bloomfield High School Agri-Science students attended an equine safety and ground work lecture and demonstration held in the BSF horse barn, and completed an Equestrian science reading packet, before being offered the optional opportunity of performing a beginner-level horseback ride. Upcoming horse programs include Horse Camp, beginning July 9th, and the Love-A-Pony class. Additional session and sign-up information for the two can be found at

The Friends of Bowers School Farm will soon be implementing a comprehensive community equestrian program, content and delivery of which will be supported by Bowers staff. Stay tuned for more information by keeping current with the Bowers School Farm and Friends of Bowers Farm websites for updates:

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Programs, and Parties, and Tours, Oh-My!

The season has been oh so busy with engaging field-trip programs, tours, and weekend parties here at the Bowers School Farm. Nine seventh grade classes attended our recent Genetics program, where students learned how to extract DNA from strawberries, enacted a natural selection demonstration on different popcorn populations, differentiate phenotypes of our newborn goats, and diagnose their own taste genotype by performing a sweet, sour, salty and savory taste-strip test. Tours have been abundant over the last month, with participants experiencing our newly hatched chicken and quail chicks, joyously taking the first wagon rides of the season, and perform seed-planting to contribute to our flourishing garden, among other activities. Several community members have taken advantage of the BSF Learning Center party rental availability for recent birthday parties where guests have enjoyed being a part of the spring-time hustle and bustle on the farm.

To learn more about BSF program, tour, and party-space offerings, visit, and contact Jackie Doran,, for all scheduling inquiries. 


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Spring Fling was a success! A huge thanks to all guests, volunteers, and staff members who made the day possible.

May 5th's Bowers School Spring Fling and Pancake Breakfast was incredibly enjoyable for attendees, volunteers, and staff alike! The beautiful day commenced without a hitch in the plan or rain-drop in the sky. Wagon riding, sheep shearing, pony riding, and goat milking were among the multitude of activities offered following each of the five pancake-breakfast seatings. Take a look at the pictures for a synopsis of the fun and mark your calendars for our next community celebration, the Bowers School Farm Fall Festival on October 13th & 14th, 2018.



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Thank you to Great Lakes Coffee! The gardens are growing strong.

A big thank you to Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company for donating a large sum and variety of coffee sacks. We use these sacks in our garden to perform weed control and to create safe and well-marked, not to mention visually appealing!, walking paths. Due to the efficacy of these coffee-sack paths, the BSF garden is flourishing. Check out these pictures of the vibrant school and community gardens, and notice the many different types of coffee sacks which lend an international air to our garden!


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Everyday Agriculture

We've just rounded up an egg-cellent Everyday Agriculture program with our Bloomfield Hills Schools' third graders. No better time to be on the farm than spring in order to learn about what day-to-day life on the farm is like! Program participants studied our Barnyard Babies, our Sleeping Seeds, our Living Soil, and the Chicken Life Cycle, and made detailed scientific observations within their very own Everyday Agriculture notebooks. One group was even lucky enough to witness a mother goat give birth! 


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April's showers spring May flowers, which means our summer camps here at Bowers School Farm are quickly approaching! Our multitude of camp topics include the following: (brief subject descriptions in parenthesis)
Healthy Hearts, Hooves and Hocks (farm & animal)
Dairy Discovery (farm & animal)
Equine Excursion for Beginners (beginner horse riding)
Know and Grow your Food (farm & garden)
Barnyard Buddies (ages 3-5)

View dates, prices, check availability, and register at:

Take a look at a few of last year's photos in order to get an idea of all the fun that's in store for our Summer 2018 camp programs: 


Read more about Summer Camp is fast approaching...



Charles L. Bowers School Farm
1219 East Square Lake Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Office Hours: Monday-Friday
8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Bowers Farm is not open daily to the public. We are available for advanced scheduled tours, programs and events.

Want to visit the farm? Take a guided tour! Please complete the online form here or call 248.341.6475.

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