Charles L. Bowers School Farm

About Bowers Farm

Charles L. Bowers School Farm was purchased in the mid-1960's by Bloomfield Hills Schools to be used as a land laboratory. We are housed on 90 acres within Bloomfield Hills.

Animals such as sheep, horses, llama and a donkey graze the pastures. We also house poultry of all types, rabbits and goats. Every animal has a purpose here at the farm and farm equipment is used daily to maintain the property as an educational agriculture production enterprise.

Charles L. Bowers Farm is open daily and year-round for various educational programs and community events.

MSU Partnership

Bowers School Farm is a proud partner of Michigan State University Extension. The latest research-based curriculum and experiential methodology inform the instructional design of our hands-on school and community programs.

Focusing on the process of science, educators from MSU enhance the unique learning experiences, activities and hands-on workshops at the farm. These experiences give students the opportunity to understand the interconnectedness between science, food, and our natural world.

Want to Visit Bowers Farm?

The farm offers educational field trips for schools interested in enhancing the classroom learning experience through authentic, place-based learning. Community organizations such as scouts, neighborhood associations, family and church groups can also sign-up to participate. Program topics include Plant Science, Animal Behavior, Sustainability, Harvesting, Conservation and Genetics to name a few. Programs with specific topics run at different times of the school year, range in duration and price and target different ages/groups.

If you prefer a more casual visit to Bowers Farm, we invite you to take a one-hour guided tour! Tours are scheduled in advance to allow for customized experiences for individuals and groups of virtually any size. Our Farm tour & wagon ride is an hour long and we ask for a minimum of 5 people. The cost is $10/person. We can still provide a tour & wagon ride for groups of less than 5, however the cost will then be a flat-fee of $50. If you'd like to schedule an educational program or a one-hour tour, please complete the online form or call us at 248.341.6475.

Community Events

Every year we host a fun-filled "Spring Fling & Pancake Breakfast" and a "Fall Festival" community event! Visit the Farm Programs & Events page for details.

Other Farm Happenings

We are happy to provide the following programs:

  • A 79-plot Community Garden for those interested in renting a garden plot
  • A Community Horse Program for those who have a love for horses and riding
  • A seasonal farm stand that is stocked with fresh veggies and eggs from our gardens and hens at Bowers Farm!
  • Room and Area Rentals - we are also pleased to rent areas of our facility to those looking to host a birthday party, wedding or baby shower and even have their wedding take place in our lovely gardens maintained by the MSU Master Gardeners!

Visit the Farm Programs & Events page for additional information or feel free to call 248.341.6475.


    It's Summer - Go Play!
    Did you know that children today are spending an average of only about 4 hours a week outside? Summer is a great time to take time to play with your kids outside and do some fun things. Here at the farm, we offer camps, but what can you do with your own children? Some staff favorite ideas include: bike riding, nature walks, kayaking, rock collecting, geocaching, swimming, kite flying, dune climbing, shelter building, playground visits and more!
    Even better? Just by being outside, research shows your child will have more confidence, reduce stress, and increase their creativity. To learn more benefits about outdoor play, check out this article from the Child Mind Institute. Happy playing!
    Read more about It's Summer - Go Play!
    Best Summer Ever
    Our summer camp program is in full swing here at the farm. We have had an amazing first week as our campers ages 3-14 have learned “all things farm”, helping with chores, giving goats a bath, and learning about our garden. We are all excited for the remainder of the summer and making memories with our campers - old and new. A special shoutout to our camp stewards who have volunteered their time on staff to help keep things running.  We couldn't do it without you! To see some awesome pictures capturing our first week and beyond, visit our farm camp blog at .
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    Fair Season is Here!
    Fair season has arrived! Here at Bowers, we are so excited to be showing over 40 animals at this year's fair. In addition, our 4H and FFA members are submitting many exhibits to the Ellis Barn projects. We are so excited to begin fair season and hope you will join us. For information on times of shows, the auction, and all things fair, please visit the fair website at
    Read more about Fair Season is Here!
    Teachers Become Students
    With the sponsorship and support of the Michigan Farm Bureau, our staff had a special and unique opportunity to travel the state and learn about the amazing agricultural opportunities that we have to offer. From wheat to dairy production and everything in between, our staff was able to witness first hand the work that goes into all we benefit from as consumers. The two day training also including team building opportunities and the chance to make new connections with other educational farm programs in southeast Michigan. Thank you Michigan Farm Bureau for your support in furthering agricultural education!
    Read more about Teachers Become Students



    Charles L. Bowers School Farm
    1219 East Square Lake Road
    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

    To schedule a visit, please call:
    between 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

    Bowers Farm is open daily for visits that are booked in advance. Walk-ins are allowed for designated community events only (see Fall Festival information).

    Want to book a visit to the farm? Take a guided tour! Please complete this online form or call 248.341.6481.

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    Alan Jaros

    Jackie Doran
    Program Coordinator
    (scheduling of programs, events and general questions)
    weekdays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

    Jordan Hewitt
    Farm Site Coordinator
    weekdays from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

    Rachel Duncan
    Farm Caretaker
    weekdays after 4:00 pm & weekends
    (248) 794.0450

    Athletics, Recreation, and
    Community Services:


    Farm Guides

    • Kathleen Blust
    • Amy Cardin
    • Kelli Clifton
    • Michelle Golembieski
    • Jessica Lynn
    • Aliza Marks
    • Rajaa Sheena
    • Laurie Simonelli
    • Isabella Tillman
    • Amanda Wilhelm