Summer Camps


Registration is now open for Bloomfield Hills Schools 2019 summer camps! BHS has many different summer camp opportunities for students of all ages and for all interests throughout Oakland County. Students can explore the outdoors and have an exciting educational experience.

Bowers School Farm Summer Camps

Farm Camps
Charles L. Bowers School Farm Camps give campers an in-depth, authentic farm experience through hands-on exploration. Campers spend the day on a full working farm, engaging in sustainable gardening, animal care, and exploring 80+ acres of farmland. Each day, time is spent cooking and preparing fresh snacks in the kitchen, strengthening the connection between agriculture and everyday food choices. Building life skills such as responsibility, communication, and cooperation are key outcomes when campers spend their week making friends and having fun on the farm. Each camp session has a different theme, but all have common, age-appropriate, program goals: challenging ourselves, learning to work in a community, and connecting with nature.

Financial Aid is available for the 2019 camp season. Check out the Financial Aid Guidelines for more details. Please complete the application here. Contact Michelle Golembieski at with questions.

Love a Pony
Grades K-2
Groom a Pony! Hug and ride a pony! During each class we will groom and ride a pony and do special pony projects. Get to know Patches and her pony friends. No Pre-K children, please. We meet in the gazebo at the Bowers Farm. Due to the small size of the ponies, there is a 60 pound weight limit for riding.

Barnyard Buddies Camp 
Ages 3-5
Barnyard Buddies Camp: the camp that started it all! A little bit of everything around the farm. Campers are introduced to the farm animals and the beautiful 90+ acres of Bowers Farm (these are 3-day sessions). Barnyard Buddies is for our youngest campers. Campers must be potty trained. Small groups & trained, experienced staff create a nurturing, hands-on environment where our campers can try new things, explore the animals, investigate the gardens and grounds and make new friends. Campers will be active and outside all day so dress for the weather. Campers should bring a nut-free lunch and water bottle; afternoon snacks will be made each day at camp.

Barnyard Buddies - Five Senses Farm Fun Camp 
Ages 3-5
Five Senses Farm Camp is also a Barnyard Buddies Camp. In this camp, campers explore the farm through the lens of their five senses: the sights and sounds of barnyard and pastures, the feel of freshly shorn wool, the tastes of crops from the gardens and more! Each day is spent focusing on experiential and sensory activities tailored to a camper's developmental stage. This is a two day session.

Barnyard Buddies - Farm on Foot Explorer Camp
Campers explore every nook and cranny of our historic farm grounds and meet the animals who call Bowers Farm "home".  From barnyard to horse pastures, and gardens to greenhouse, intrepid campers will enjoy hands-on activities designed to offer new challenges.  These are 3-day sessions.

Barnyard Buddies - Little Sprouts Camp 
Ages 3-5
Little Sprouts campers will get down in the dirt and investigate our gardens, help with planting, weeding, and harvesting.  They will create tasty treats from the bounty they collect.  Campers will also learn about the food our farm animals eat and help with the feeding chores.  This is a 3-day session.

Farm Camp: Outdoor Adventures 
Ages 6-10
Experience the adventurous side of the farm!  We will practice our wilderness skills as we construct fires for cooking, build shelters, explore in the forest and challenge ourselves on the ropes course. Each day camp includes animal chores, garden time, cooking and, new this year, camper choice activity time.

Farm Camp: Life on the Farm 
Ages 6-10
Dig into what life on the farm is like! During this week long camp, campers will get an authentic taste of daily farm life, learning how each day may bring its own unique farm challenges. We will compare modern day farming to the past as well as dream about future agriculture. Each camp day includes animal chores, garden time, cooking and, new this year, camper-choice activity time.

Farm Camp: Goats 'n Gardens 
Ages 6-10
Sustainable farming requires the input and cooperation of multiple components, especially between plants and animals. This week long camp encourages campers to ruminate on integral connections and discover natural harmonies all around the farm. Each camp day includes animal chores, garden time, cooking and, new this year, camper-choice activity time.

Farm Camp: Animal Excursions 
Ages 6-10
This week long camp is focused on the farm's most popular feature, our animals!!!  Campers will learn the importance of and how to care for the farm's livestock. Through hands-on activities, campers will understand the value of the animals and the products they provide. Each camp day includes animal chores, garden time, cooking and, new this year, camper-choice activity time.

Advanced Camp: Vet Science at the Farm
Ages 11-14
Come explore the critical field of animal and veterinary medicine!  Campers will participate in numerous, hands on learning activities gaining animal handling experience, learning how to use certain veterinary tools & technologies as well as practice physical exams.  This is a great introduction for youth considering future animal-related careers!  Each day camp includes time with the animals, garden, cooking and developing leadership skills.

Advanced Camp: Science in the Kitchen
Ages 11-14
Campers will cook through a "garden to table" model, harvesting produce from the garden and transforming it into delicious recipes. Campers will build fundamental culinary skills and expand on food science and nutrition knowledge. Get ready to chop, whisk, and get zesty as we build life-long skills and an appreciation for local food production.  Each camp day includes time with the animals, garden, cooking and developing leadership skills.

Advanced Camp: Equine Exercise, Beginners Horse Camp
Ages 11-14
Experience levels from first time riders to comfortable walk trotters. Discover the care, history, and development of the horse in addition to learning foundational riding skills. Play games on horseback, observe equestrian competition, and study the Bowers horses in their herd habitat. Long pants and proper boots required on a daily basis for participants within this session.  Certified helmets will be provided. Campers will ride once to twice daily.

Advanced Camp: Animal Science
Ages 11-14
Get up close and familiar with the various animals that call Bowers School Farm home. Help to care for our residential farm animals, study behavior, as well as learn about the importance of the wild animals we share our spaces with. Each camp day includes time with the animals, cooking and developing leadership skills.

Advanced Camp: Teen versus Wild Survival Camp - July
Ages 11-14
Embrace your inner survivalist to experience and learn new and thrilling wilderness skills. Campers will build fires, learn about and construct shelters, practice map and orienteering skills, cook outdoors, go hiking and canoeing, and be one with nature. Additionally, campers will practice archery and critical survival skills. On Thursday, we will test our new skills and end the week with an overnight camping experience on the farm, under the stars! Friday morning, campers will gather farm fresh ingredients to prepare a delicious breakfast, ending the day at noon. The overnight experience and camp takes place on the Bowers Farm site and may travel offsite for specialty activities.




An Important Note from Dr. Glass

It is with many mixed feelings that I share with you that I will be moving to New York at the end of this school year.  My wife recently accepted the position of Vice President of Human Resources and Labor Relations for the State University of New York's Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in Manhattan.  After making the difficult decision to relocate to New York, I was offered the position of Superintendent with Eastchester Union Free School District...

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Learn Life Skills As a Camp Steward Role Model
Want to try out cooking with fresh produce? What about swinging a hammer to make a birdhouse? Ever tried keeping the dye from washing out of a freshly tie dye shirt? Spend your summer mentoring kids and helping them move through the camp day trying out fun and engaging activities! Look, you'll be headed to college soon. Do something different this summer! Stewards are 15-19 years of age and are assistants to the camp leadership and role models for camper. Stewards develop a deep understanding and knowledge of the farm and our camp program. This experience is both fun and meaningful as Stewards develop skills which enhance their career and academic readiness. Here is a glimpse of some of the fun from last year.
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Farm-Tastic Summer Camps
Are you looking for something farm-tastic for your kids to do this summer? It is still not too late to sign up for our summer camp programs. We offer everything from our Barnyard Buddies preschool program to our specialized Vet Science camp for our future veterinarians. Go online today to register through community pass. We look forward to seeing you at camp this summer!
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Sign Up for Spring Field Trips
Springtime on the farm is a great opportunity to bring your school or class out for a visit. Discover plant science in the gardens, visit the new baby animals, and take a wagon ride across the back forty! Exploring science hands-on is a great way to build excitement and cap off a wonderful school year. Visit or call Jackie today, 248-341-6475.
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