Art Teachers Select More than 100 Student Works for Display

Bloomfield Hills Schools is proud to announce that K-12 student artwork is being displayed at the Oakland Intermediate School District building. The display will be available until November 29, 2021. Art teachers across BHS chose more than 100 exemplary pieces of student art to be showcased. Members of the BHS and Bloomfield community are encouraged to visit the exhibit. The building, located at 2111 Pontiac Lake Road in Waterford, is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., excluding November 24 to 26 for the Thanksgiving holiday.  

Student Art Showcased at OS

The students’ art can be found in the first-floor conference center hallway and in showcases, the café, and Dr. Mike Yocum’s office. When viewing student art, please take a moment to fill out and return a See Think Wonder form, which you will find at the receptionist’s desk. After sharing your thoughts, please put the form into the box. At the end of the display, the forms will be returned to the art teachers, and the students will get a chance to read the visitors’ notes.

If you plan to make a visit, please follow Oakland Schools’ Covid protocols, including calling the receptionist in advance to schedule your visit, filling out a Covid form, taking your temperature upon entry, and wearing a mask throughout your visit. Oakland Schools’ main phone number is 248-209-2000.

Congratulations to the many student artists from across BHS whose work is displayed at Oakland Schools!


Student Art Showcased at OS
Student Art Showcased at OS



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