Located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, East Hills Middle School is a place of purposeful exploration, and our community of partnerships feels fortunate to be shareholders in this public educational setting. Students, families, and staff work together in a child-centered environment to promote self-esteem and to nurture lifelong learning. A supportive culture is nurtured which encourages healthy risk taking and fosters responsible citizenship. Professional growth is continuous, and positive role modeling is pervasive. We place high value on curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, cooperative learning, and ethical decision-making. Integral to our positive school climate is the high level of parent volunteerism we enjoy each year.

The majority of instruction takes place in heterogeneous groupings. A team-based approach provides time for teachers to work collaboratively to develop curriculum, to discuss successful teaching strategies, and to address individual student needs. Also, this approach enhances communication among teachers, students, and families, since time is set aside for collective meetings. By building bridges between school and home, students feel part of a community which cares for them and which strives to provide them with skills important to healthy adolescent development.

As an active learning center, our school day begins well before first-hour class is scheduled and often concludes during the evening hours. Sporting events, club meetings, drama productions, and musical performances represent a sampling of the before-school and after-school activities in which students are engaged. Annually, approximately 90% of our students are participants in school clubs and sports.

Recognizing the importance of celebrations in nurturing a positive school climate, a variety of formal and informal recognition programs take place throughout the school year to honor individual and collective achievements. Families play an integral role in celebrating the successes of our students and staff members. The East Hills community takes special pride in being recognized by the United States Department of Education as a National Exemplary School.